Bicycle Booth Reviews What You Need To Know

Bicycle Booth Reviews: What You Need To Know

Do you want to read review bicycle booths?

In general, reviews of the bicycle booth are mixed. The service makes people believe that the bicycle booth is good. The cashiers are cordial and proficient. The price is cheap.

People consider bicycle booths to be bad, in part due to the service. They get low service.

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Praises About Bicycle Booth Reviews

Happy Customer

I’ll admit that I felt anxious after reading the other reviews. However, my experience has been fantastic. A M bib short and jersey kit is what I ordered. Despite the jersey’s excellent fit, the bib shorts were extremely small. After I returned the bib short, I received a replacement right away. Although it takes a while to ship, this was made very clear to me. Cheng was of great assistance, and the jerseys I kept have already garnered a ton of positive feedback. awaiting the arrival of the bib shorts so that my kits are finished. Reordering would not be a problem for me.

The Merchandise And Customer Support Are Both Fantastic!

I adore the item; the jerseys are unbelievably cozy and breathable, and I adore the patterns. Surprisingly, the quality is also excellent. I also received excellent customer service because I ordered a jersey as a gift that turned out to be the wrong size, and they were happy to exchange it for me without any problems. Even though shipping takes a while, I believe it is worthwhile. I wholeheartedly endorse this!

Professional & Courteous

Without a doubt, the supply chain presents challenges for many businesses. Any delays are more than made up for by clear, timely communication. Everybody I dealt with at BB was polite and knowledgeable; they will always be my first choice for bike clothing!
By the way, the shirts were great!

Bicycle Booth Reviews What You Need To Know
Bicycle Booth Reviews: What You Need To Know

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Complaints About Bicycle Booth Reviews

Slow Service, Even Slower Shipping

In January of ’22, I ordered 3 kits. Not until March of 22 did they start to ship. I spent $36 to send them back for a larger size, but as of May 22, I STILL haven’t received them. For events in May and June, I purchased these in January. I already missed the first one, and I’m going to miss the next one most likely, so I’ll have to send them back and lose money doing this. Dude, don’t buy anything from this place.

Customer Service Is Bad

They only pick which emails to reply to, which makes for poor customer service. Sizes are too small, and the products are from China. Both the price and the shipping time are too long for the product’s quality. Will not recommend it.

Would Never Buy From This…

Would never make a purchase from this business. A Women M kit (shorts and a sleeveless jersey) was ordered. After 5 weeks, only the shorts were delivered. they were contacted regarding the jersey. 8 weeks later, the jersey arrived as They insisted that I ordered the wrong size, that their company’s sizes are different, and that they sent the right size despite the fact that the measurements do not even match their own size chart. Men M. I would never suggest this business or its products. Throughout, there was poor service and a lot of lying.


Do you, then, have a thorough bicycle booth by reviews? I sincerely hope that this will be of assistance. I am very grateful that you read the post. Please leave a comment if you have anything to add. Have a good day!

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