Trek Verve 2 Review Is It Worth Buying

Trek Verve 2 Review: Is It Worth Buying

What is the trek verve 2 review?

The Trek Verve 2 hybrid bike is made for convenience and enjoyment on errand runs, road trips, and fitness rides. A suspension seatpost, a padded saddle, and weather-resistant disc brakes are just a few of the thoughtful features that contribute to a secure and comfortable ride.

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Trek Verve 2 Review

Frame Review

According to me, the frame accounts for roughly 70% of the bike’s appearance and feel, so it should be taken into account when making a purchase decision. The Alpha Gold Aluminum frame on the Trek Verve 2 represents the pinnacle of aluminum engineering for Trek bicycles.

The frame guarantees a solid ride while still feeling very light and forgiving while riding. The first time you test-ride this bike, you’ll quickly realize how important this is.

The bike has a shorter reach than other traditional fitness bikes because the comfort of the rider is given top priority when designing the frame. This also makes sure that you are riding this thing in a more upright position, which is suitable if you have ever experienced back, neck, or shoulder problems.

You can also easily look around while changing lanes or crossing streets when you’re standing up straight.

Fork Review

This bike has a steel threaded steerer tube and a Verve alloy fork for excellent handling. The frame’s inclusion of a ThruSkew axle is yet another surprise to me. This guarantees that your front wheel won’t come off while you’re riding and makes it simple and quick to access your front wheel.

The absence of a suspension is one of the choices in this new model with which I disagree. As a front suspension is something you would anticipate on a comfort hybrid bike like this one. But as it turns out, the suspension on a bike like this doesn’t really increase comfort as much as you might think.

Since this is a hybrid, you won’t be required to perform jumps or ride on trails as frequently, and riding upright means your weight is distributed more toward the back of the bike. Additionally, in order to significantly benefit from a front suspension, you would need to ride more aggressively and shift your weight forward, which is not in the best interest of a comfort bike.

But at this price, the Trek Marlin 5 will be a great option if you’re looking for something that can be used for both regular commutes and trail runs.

Additionally, you can lighten the bike up and make it more comfortable by removing the front suspension. You won’t experience any significant shocks with this fork as long as you stay on well-paved roads and ground limestone, and it has an adjustable suspension seat post and a taller stack.

Drivetrain Review

The drivetrain of Trek Verve 2 consists of

  • Shimano Altus M315 8×3 shifters
  • Forged alloy 3 speed 48/38/28 crank with a Shimano Tourney TY710 front derailleur
  • 8 speed 11-32 Shimano HG31 cassette with a Shimano Altus M310 read derailleur

You can see that the drivetrain on this bike is made entirely of Shimano parts. It’s advantageous because it avoids the need for additional tuning and other brand-specific compatibility problems. Shimano is regarded as the best for drivetrain components and is used and adored by the top athletes worldwide, which should give you peace of mind if you are new to cycling.

You will have a wide range of speeds to choose from for any gradient thanks to the 8×3 setup. As they allow a full stroke, easier gears are ideal for riders who have been away from bikes for a long time or for those who are attempting to recover from leg injuries.

Handlebar And Stem Review

This hybrid bike has a 620mm/660mm wide alloy handlebar from Trek’s own brand Bontrager, whose products are well-known. You’ll see a lot of Bontrager components in the following. This particular handlebar has a comfort sweep, giving it a subtle “M” shape similar to what you typically see on a comfort cruiser.

Because the stem part includes a Bontrager alloy quill, you can effectively adjust the handlebar rise into any of the 64 degrees it allows. This makes the stem part a little unique. The stem is also longer—85mm or 105mm, depending on the size you choose—which is typical for road and commuter bikes because it gives you more room to turn.

Seatpost And Saddle Review

The adjustable suspension seatpost that is included with the Trek Verve 2 is made of alloy, and it is a key component of the extra comfort that it provides when riding upright. For those road bumps and shocks, this has an adjustable range of up to 27mm.

The ride quality is flawless and is undoubtedly one of the most praised aspects of the bike, along with the Bontrager Boulevard comfort saddle. Longer rides are very comfortable because of the extensive cushioning.

Brakes Review

You are fortunate in this regard because, up until a few years ago, the Trek Verve 2 only had rim brakes. Trek made a wise decision to upgrade to hydraulic disc brakes from Tektro HD-M275, giving rise to the name Trek Verve 2 Disc. which are much better in every way and more trustworthy. Even in wet conditions, where rim brakes are dangerous to operate, they function flawlessly.

Additionally, they have the highest stopping power, which is extremely helpful when you are carrying more weight. Hydraulic disc brakes have the added benefit of being very simple to use and maintain over time, which is another advantage over mechanical ones.

Wheels Review

The front and rear hubs are both made of Formula DC 6-bolt alloy (DC-20 in the front and DC-22 in the back). For a stiffer ride and greater overall strength of the wheels, Bontrager Connection rims are double-walled and made of aluminum alloy.

The Bontrager H5 Comps, 700x45c stock tires that come with this bike are wider than those you’d find on a road bike but not as much as those on a mountain bike. On well-paved roads and gravel, which is typically the case for commuting and recreational riding, they roll fairly well.

Because of these wider tires, the lack of front suspension is concealed. Since there are no power losses when pedaling, getting rid of the suspension allows for better energy transmission on the road.

Weight Review

A size medium Trek Verve 2 weighs 30.26 lbs, or 13.73 kg, and can support a rider weight of 300 lbs, or roughly 136 kg, plus any cargo.

Sizes And Colors Review

This is a typical Trek bike and is available in 4 sizes: S, M, L, and XL. Below is a table with the Trek Verve 2 size chart and geometry.

Both the stunning colors Lithium Grey and Rage Red are available for this bike.

Trek Verve 2 Review Is It Worth Buying
Trek Verve 2 Review: Is It Worth Buying

Customers’ Review To Trek Verve 2

Excellent Bike!!

In my early 20s and throughout graduate school, I was an avid rider. After that, I became preoccupied with other tasks, and my bike washed up on the side. I was anxious to start riding again because I wasn’t certain that it would be comfortable or that I would still enjoy it as much as I did in the past. I chose the Verve 2 bike after doing some research and don’t regret it. The bike is enjoyable and comfortable to ride. I wish I hadn’t waited so long and am looking forward to my time spent hiking. But the real test is: Would I buy another bike if this one broke tomorrow? Yes, right away. I am incredibly pleased with the purchase, and the Bicycle Garage’s staff in Bloomington was wonderful. fantastic overall experience

The Best Bike I Have Ever Owned Is This One.

I’ve switched between a road bike, mountain bike, hybrid bike, and now the Verve 2 Disk. I have discovered the ideal fusion of comfort and speed at the age of 66. At the end of a 26-mile ride, I can get off the bike pain-free thanks to the upright position and simple gear transition. I now want to ride again because that truly makes a difference. This bike will accompany me until dusk. PS: I got lucky that Gateway Cycle in North Saint Paul had this Verve 2 Disc in Gray in stock. I rode it for a short distance as a test drive before bringing it home.

I Adore This Bike Utterly…

I just picked up my new Verve 2 Disc this morning and went for a 6 mile ride. I love it so much! I have been riding a recumbent exercise bike ever since this whole Covid thing started, so I made the decision to get another bike and enjoy the summer. I’m a 58-year-old man who is currently trying to get back in shape. I’ve had issues with various other styles of bikes in the past, but this bike is comfortable on my knees and shoulders. Despite having a factory saddle, the bike is surprisingly comfortable, light, and agile. If you’re looking for a comfortable and casual form of exercise, stop right here! I’m hoping you’ll adore yours too!

Does Not Age Well

To go along with a Specualized Sirrus that I had bought in 2013, I bought this bike in early 2021. I rode both of them over the past year (roughly the same distances and terrain). The Verve is beginning to tremble, and the frame feels less sturdy than the Sirrus, who is nine years old. The Verve appears to have deteriorated more in a year than the Sirrus did in nine years, given the same circumstances and care. I want to trade my Verve in for a new Sirrus. Who knows though; perhaps the design of simple bikes was more advanced ten years ago….we shall see…

Is The Trek Verve 2 An Excellent Bicycle?


If you’re after a hybrid bike with fantastic braking power thanks to the hydraulic disc brakes, great reviews, and lots of features – the Verve 2 is a fantastic option!

If you’re looking for a drawback, I’d say the pedals need to be upgraded. It’s not a big deal to me, though, because I can’t recall ever using the pedals that came with a new bike instead of my own.

It also boasts an alpha gold aluminum frame that keeps the kgs down to a very respectable and desirable 13kg!

How Do Trek Verve 1 And 2 Differ From One Another?

The disc brakes make a significant distinction. The disc brakes on the Verve 2 Disc bicycles are hydraulic. The Trek Verve 1 has mechanical disc brakes.

This is significant because, when it comes to cycling, hydraulic disc brakes are more dependable and easier to maintain.

The brakes and gearing will both matter if you like to travel at high speeds…

The Verve 2 disc also benefits from a Shimano drivetrain. SunRace cassette is available for the Trek Verve 1.

Does it really matter?

Your shifters’ responsiveness may be impacted by the various materials these derailleurs are made of.

Ideally, the derailleurs will react immediately when you shift gears on your shifters.

Each Verve comes with an aluminum alloy frame, which is impressive considering some of the price points!

The Verve 2 Disc scores higher in terms of versatility because it offers a wider variety of gears!

The Trek Verve 2’s Weight Is How Much?

One of the features I love about the Trek Verve 2 disc is how lightweight it is as a bike. It weighs 13.2kg.

That is impressive for a hybrid bike with hydraulic disc brakes.

Then when you factor in that you get a load of extras such as the puncture protection tires, which yes, do weigh more but we’re talking grams and These tires, in my opinion, are worth the added weight.

Let’s not forget the rack, fender, and lights that are all included!

It is a lightweight bicycle overall.

Is A Trek Bike Value For The Money?

Despite the fact that every Trek bike is unique, the company still makes some good bikes. A high-quality, reasonably priced hybrid bike is the Trek Verve.


The post focused on trek verve 2 review.

without sacrificing any effort in order to improve riding comfort on the Trek Verve. a great balance of performance and selling price in the Trek Verve 2 Disc: a comfortable, enjoyable commuter, leisure, and fitness bike. providing a ride that is secure and comfortable with many thoughtful features. So this is a great hybrid bike to buy

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