How Fast Do Electric Bikes Go As Fast As 28MPH

How Fast Do Electric Bikes Go? As Fast As 28MPH

An electric bike has a motor that can be adjusted to optimize your riding speed, unlike MTBs or road bikes. So, how fast do electric bikes go

A typical electric bike has a top speed of 20 mph. However, electric bikes can only go as fast as 28mph and do not go more than this figure. Only 28 mph is the maximum speed that even the most powerful electric bikes can reach.

How Fast Do Electric Bikes Go? 

The size of an electric bike’s motor determines its top speed. Nearly all of the electric bicycles you’ll see in the USA are capable of going faster than their top speeds. Electric Bikes are frequently divided into one of three classes based on their speed and functionality:

Class 1 – 20mph with only pedal-assist

Class 2 – 20mph with pedal-assist and a powerful throttle function that negates the need to pedal

Class 3 – 28 mph with only pedal-assist

These classes are the guidelines that the majority of Electric Bike companies use when creating their Electric Bikes because they are turning out to be the preferred framework for legislators (more on that in the next section). However, they are not yet set in stone.

It depends on the payload it is carrying and its motor output whether an Electric Bike in each of these classes can travel at its legal top speed. The maximum speed of an Electric Bike will depend on its payload as well as the motor’s power output, but in the majority of cases, you can travel the designated class limits on your Electric Bike when you’re by yourself on it.

It is important to note that higher speeds can be attained by pedaling and using gravity as a helper because the bike’s top speed is unrestricted; instead, the electric assistance stops once the class limit is reached.

How Fast Can I Travel Legally On An Electric Bike?

20mph might seem fast to some but it has not been chosen arbitrarily. 20mph has been set as a limit because it is found to be equivalent to speeds sustained by regular cyclists on roads, trails, and bike paths. Due to the higher speed ceiling built into Class 3 Electric Bikes, they are typically only permitted on roads and bike lanes adjacent to them.

How quickly can I ride an electric bike legally? is a difficult question to answer.” is that laws differ by state. This spreadsheet, produced by People for Bikes, lists the 37 States where legislation establishing a class system for Electric Bikes has been approved as of 2021, along with the bills that are related to them and the restrictions they impose.

People for Bikes has also assembled a useful list of links to State-level Electric Bike legislation and the handouts they produced for their citizens upon introducing the legislation. These resources make it simple for electric bike riders to find out how and where they can legally travel with their electric bike in their state, or another state if they’re possibly crossing state lines and taking their electric bike on vacation.

The Speed And Range Trade-off

For people buying an Electric Bike, range is frequently a bigger concern than speed, but many are unaware of the significant trade-off between the two. The further you can travel, the slower the speed at which you’re propelled by your throttle or pedal assist. Even though you’re moving faster, your motor will only be able to cover a smaller distance before it runs out of fuel.

In order for you to see how quickly and how far you can go using the throttle or various levels of pedal assistance, Aventon conducted a Real World Range Test for every single one of our products and published the results on their product page on our website. You can then consider your options based on what you want from your Aventon Electric Bike on a given day. We’ve discovered that, roughly, doubling your speed will cut your electric bike’s range in half.

What Advantages Do Electric Bikes Offer?

Innovative products like electric bikes have only recently been made available to the public. You can ride at up to 28 mph faster thanks to the rechargeable batteries that come with it.

You don’t need to exert as much effort pedaling an electric bike as you would a regular road bike because the motor can do the work for you.

There are advantages to using electric bikes. You also get the following benefits in addition to your speed increase:


The speed is, of course, the biggest difference when riding an electric bike. With the aid of a motor, the pace quickens, and you’ll reach your destination more quickly.

Electric bikes, as previously mentioned, can travel between 20 and 28 mph in addition to the energy you expend when you pedal. electric bikes allow you to pedal effortlessly without sacrificing speed. When you decide to switch to unusual bikes, you can preserve your energy more.

How Fast Do Electric Bikes Go As Fast As 28MPH
How Fast Do Electric Bikes Go? As Fast As 28MPH

Appearance And Motor

An electric bike resembles a regular road bike in appearance almost exactly. A closer inspection reveals that electric bikes have an electrical drive system and a motor, though. If you have an electric bike, a motor, a battery, and a display screen will be used to propel the speed of your bike.

There are various motor options for electric bikes. Bikes with a mid-drive motor, rear hub motor, and front hub motor are all visible.

The most basic electric bike motor currently available is the front hub motor. It has some limitations, though. It is present in Class 2 throttle-equipped electric bikes.

On the other hand, a rear hub motor gives users versatility and a pedelec system in addition to a throttle. Unlike front hub motors, it maintains the speed steadily.

The mid-drive motor is located in the middle of the bike’s frame. They work in tandem with the bottom bracket and cranks to help cyclists as well. You can enjoy more torque, make hills easier to climb, and evenly distribute your weight with this motor.

Experience In Riding

You’ll also experience a noticeable difference in terms of riding. The motor and the electric drive system will automatically engage once you get on the electric bicycle and begin pedaling. Contrary to using a manual bicycle, where you must gradually increase your speed, your ride will transition smoothly.

Without exerting too much effort, your pedaling motion will be very simple. Without exerting too much effort, you can quickly travel to your intended location. Cycling is taken care of by the motor itself.

Longer Distances

With an electric bike, you can cover more ground and travel further because less energy is expended. If you switch to an electric bike instead of a manual road bike, you can travel farther.

FAQs About How Fast Do Electric Bikes Go? 

Why Would I Choose To Use An electric bike Instead Of A Regular Bike?

There are several explanations:

  • Get to where you need to go faster and easier than on a regular bike. You can move at up to 20 mph on some bikes and even up to 28 mph on others, depending on how you choose to ride, without exerting much effort.
  • It’s easy to ascend hills… and we aren’t talking about the breeze from huffing and puffing.
  • No sweat. You won’t feel the need to take a shower once you arrive, despite the fact that you can ride much more quickly.
  • Safer. While it may seem counterintuitive given that you can travel at a faster rate than on a regular bike, you can start more easily from stopped positions, which enables you to travel steadily and more quickly through intersections. You can concentrate more of your energy on steering the bike instead of propulsion when climbing steep hills while cars are nearby.
  • less stressful on those joints. To relieve some of the strain on your knees and hips, use the electric assist.
  • Staying together. You might ride with someone who moves more quickly than you do. The pace can be balanced for you both with an electric bike.
  • Ditch the car. An electric bike is more frequently used as a substitute for a car than a regular bike because of its comfort, simplicity, and speed. Owners of electric bikes ride more frequently and farther than those who rely solely on their conventional bike, according to a Portland State University study. Every age group had this problem.
  • It’s FUN!!! Try one and you’ll understand. Or observe a friend with a big smile on their face returning from their first test ride.

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Do I Need A License?

No license is required if the electric bike has a motor that is 750 watts or less (1000 watts in Oregon) and is programmed to not travel faster than 20 mph without pedaling. Cynergy electric bikes does not require any licenses for the electric bikes they sell. Just so you know, you must be at least 16 years old to ride an electric bike in public.

Where Can I Go Electric Bike Riding?

Make sure your electric-powered bicycle is recognized as an electric bike first and foremost. States will have different definitions of “electric bikes” and regulations regarding where they are allowed to be ridden. Depending on the government branch, different regulations apply to federal land. For the most complete resource, check out

You can electric bike in Oregon on:

  • any street with a bike lane.
  • Shared use paths that are reserve for bicycles and pedestrians
  • You can ride a bicycle on paved trails in state parks, but you should check with the management of each park to find out what the rules are for unpaved trails. In each park, it is different.
  • any trail that allows motor vehicles, like unpaved forest service roads.

To use an electric bike on public property in Oregon, you must be at least 16 years old. Oregon’s limit on motor wattage is 1000 watts, while the majority of states have 750 watt limits.

For Federal land:

  • The opportunities at National Parks are growing, but make sure to check with the park first.
  • BLM trails: The general trend is to permit electric bikes wherever non-electric bikes are allowed, but we advise you to check with the BLM office that oversees that trail.
  • U.S. Forest Service – opportunities are growing, but check with the Forest Service.
  • People for Bikes’ nationwide EMountain Biking Map is another tool for locating mountain bike trails that permit electric bikes.

How About Theft?

According to our best estimation, electric bikes are not stolen any more frequently than conventional bikes. That’s probably because people tend to lock them up more frequently and because a bike thief needs to obtain a charger and a battery key in order to truly sell the bike.

The following strategies work the best for preventing bike theft:

  • Get a good bike lock. Too easily cut are cable locks. Folding locks and premium u-bolts are preferable.
  • Be sure to lock the garage if you are storing your bike there. It’s probably the place where bikes are stolen from the most often.
  • Place your bike’s lock in plain sight when riding in public.

Is Special Insurance Required?

Consult your insurance provider. It’s possible that you’ll need to add a rider to your homeowners/renters insurance to cover theft since some insurance companies do not consider electric bikes to be bicycles. Additionally, you should contact and, two insurers that specialize in bicycle insurance.

Do Electric Bikes Not Weigh A Lot?

In the words of one of our customers, “electric bikes might be heavy to lift, but they are heavenly to ride.”

Typically, electric bicycles weigh more than conventional bicycles. The weight of a bicycle, whether electric or not, is most noticeable when climbing hills. An electric bike’s electric-assist more than makes up for the extra weight. If you have to lift the bike, weight does become an issue. electric bikes are preferred over electric scooters, which frequently weigh 150 pounds or more, for a variety of reasons, one of which is that they are lighter.

Finding a more accessible storage space is highly advised if storing your bike requires you to climb several flights of stairs.


So, do you understand how fast do electric bikes go?

The question of how fast electric bikes go is among the most frequently posed ones.  The first thing to keep in mind is that, despite having a motor, electric bikes are still considered bicycles rather than scooters.

In Europe, an electric bike may have a maximum power of 250 watts, which will help it reach a top speed of 25 km/h. The laws differ in the US. There, electric bike motors can have a maximum of 500 watts and assist up to 20 mph (32km/h)

electric bikes can travel at speeds of up to 45 km/h (28 mph). These are referred to as pedelecs.

An electric bike can go faster than the speed at which it can support you, but once you exceed that speed limit, the motor stops helping you. In the end, you are capable of accelerating to a speed that is appropriate for your riding technique. You can either rely on the motor to keep you moving at speeds inside the maximum support level or you can push yourself to the limit to go faster than the maximum supported speed.

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