Trek Dual Sport 3 Reviews In 2022 Is It Right For Me

Trek Dual Sport 3 Reviews In 2022: Is It Right For Me

What is the trek dual sport 3 review?

High-performance hybrid bikes like the Dual Sport 3 can withstand long rides on a variety of surfaces, including city streets, gravel trails, and more thanks to upgraded components! In addition, front suspension, a wide-range 1x drivetrain, tubeless-ready rims, and puncture-resistant tires give you the assurance to embark on longer expeditions.

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Customers Review To Trek Dual Sport 3

My Review To Bike

Because I cherished my Dual Sport 1, I also purchased a Dual Sport 3. Excellent bike for light trail use and city commuting. Over bumpy city streets, the front suspension keeps my wrist from breaking, and the lockout is ideal for turning the power down. The gearing is made simpler with a 1x drivetrain, and the range is ideal for most urban and light trail use. Although wearing climbing equipment makes me work a little harder, this is not necessarily a bad thing.

Great Purchase

To go out and exercise together, my wife and I each purchased one. Now, the bikes practically beg us to ride them every day. For us, this was a wise investment. Our future holds more Trek bikes, I think! It is robust, portable, and adaptable. It is ideal for road biking.

Los Angeles Commuter

Due to the Dual Sport 3 XL becoming available for purchase just a few days before I received mine, my review may be a little biased. After extensive research, I spent a few months looking for bikes but was unable to locate a single 3 XL, the bike I knew would best suit my requirements. I found one in Santa Monica thanks to good luck. It’s a stunning bike, all black with red accents. Love how simple it is to shift gears with your right hand, how responsive and smooth the breaks are, how fast and smooth the ride is, and how the shocks keep you from being injured on the jerky LA roads. The seat is undoubtedly designed for use with padded shorts, so I’m going to either buy some padded riding shorts or a new one. Due to the roughness of the streets in Los Angeles, I opted for the 3 instead of the 1. I’m aware that my bike will be damaged because I love to ride and don’t hold back. A side note: Helens Bike Shop’s staff is outstanding.

The Tech You Get From Trek Dual Sport 3

A compact, lightweight aluminum frame, a suspension fork with a lockout feature, and a straightforward, front-derailleur-free 1×10 Shimano drivetrain. Don’t worry, the wide-range 11-46 cassette still provides all the gears you require to conquer hills and destroy flats. Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, tubeless-compatible rims, puncture-resistant all-terrain tires, ergonomic grips, and a Blendr stem for simple accessory integration.

Trek Dual Sport 3 Reviews In 2022 Is It Right For Me
Trek Dual Sport 3 Reviews In 2022: Is It Right For Me

Why You’ll Love Trek Dual Sport 3

All the gears you require are provided by the 1x drivetrain, but none are provided that are not.
Thanks to the fork’s hydraulic lockout feature, you will always be riding safely. close it for smooth pavement, open it up on rougher trails.
Even on the steepest hills, you never have to pedal excessively hard or softly thanks to the wide range of gearing.
To track your ride data when you add DuoTrap S, it is simple to add racks, a kickstand, fenders, lights, and fitness equipment.
Internal cable routing improves the bike’s sleek appearance while extending the life of your cables.

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Trek Dual Sport 1 Vs 2 Vs 3

The lineup for the Dual Sport category for 2022 only includes three bikes. Trek has offered a Dual Sport 4 in recent years, but this year there was no need for one due to changes made to the drivetrain from the 3 down. The Dual Sport has undergone a real overhaul for the first time this year, and overall the improvements are positive.

2022 Trek Dual Sport 1 Review ($689 USD)

Trek Dual Sport 1
Trek Dual Sport 1

The groupset, drivetrain, and fork, if the bike has suspension, are the three main parts to check for in a bicycle. The groupset controls your shifting’s precision and dependability as well as whether the chain holds tension while you’re riding over unforgiving terrain.

Groupset: The Trek Dual Sport 1 from 2022 has a Shimano entry-level groupset with an Altus derailleur at the back and a Tourney up front. Because there is no clutch to maintain chain tension, expect the chain to slip when the going gets tough. With a $14 universal chain guide/tensioner like this one from Amazon, this issue is easily fixed.

Drivetrain: The drivetrain provides you with plenty of range for tackling hills as well as low end gearing for accelerating quickly. It’s not surprising that the Trek Dual Sport 1 in 2022 will switch from a 3x drivetrain in 2021 and older models to a 2×8 drivetrain. You don’t get a true 24 speed bike with a 3x setup because there is so much crossover. Less duplicate gearing and less chain crossing are possible with the switch to 2x.

Fork: The Dual Sport 1’s weakest component is the front fork suspension. The fork on it is an SR Suntour NEX fork. The fork has 63mm of travel and a 100x5mm quick release.

2022 Trek Dual Sport 2 Review ($789 USD)

Trek Dual Sport 2
Trek Dual Sport 2

Groupset: When it comes to the groupset, the Trek Dual Sport 2 in 2022 receives a slight upgrade from the 1. The names of the front and rear derailleurs are Acera and Altus, respectively. As a result, a chain guide/tensioner is an essential upgrade since you still lack the benefit of a clutch. Although the bike doesn’t come with one out of the box, it is amazing how this less than $15 part can stop your chain from slipping and jumping gears.

Drivetrain: By moving from 1 to 2, you gain more range. A 11-36T cassette and a 2×9 drivetrain make up the Dual Sport 2 drivetrain. The increased range will be beneficial to cyclists who live in very hilly or mountainous areas.

Fork: The same SR Suntour NEX that comes with the one is combined with a hydraulic lockout in the fork of the 2022 Dual Sport 2. Don’t expect this lockout to last very long, even though front fork lockouts are typically worth the upgrade. I won’t ever purchase another bike after owning four with the SR Suntour NEX lockout. After being used for six months, all four of the forks broke. Your fork is useless if the lockout remains locked, or it breaks and leaves nothing unlocked.

Expecting your warranty to make filing a claim simple is unrealistic. Nothing can be fixed by your neighborhood bike shop. You are compelled to collaborate with SR Suntour directly, in other words. Except if you’re a part-number-speaking full-time bike mechanic, my interactions with them have been terrible.

2022 Trek Dual Sport 3 Review ($979 USD)

Trek Dual Sport 3
Trek Dual Sport 3

For any model, it’s uncommon for the bike with the best value to also be the best bike overall. That applies to the 2022 Dual Sport 3.

Groupset: The groupset on the 2022 Trek Dual Sport 3 is the biggest improvement to any bike in the line-up. It has a built-in clutch and is equipped with Shimano Deore. That implies that even when pedaling over uneven ground, your chain will remain in place. Any groupset with a clutch has increased dependability and accuracy.

Drivetrain: Another fantastic discovery made during this Trek Dual Sport review is the DS 3’s 1/10 drivetrain. With a 1x drivetrain, shifting is quick and easy, allowing you to keep your attention on the trail. The 11-46T cassette provides a sizable high and low end range as well.

Fork: Given the price of this bike, which would increase with a front fork upgrade, neglecting it is a reasonable choice. With a shifter lockout, the 2021 Dual Sport 4 was discontinued in 2021. Given that the 2022 Dual Sport 3 is still an SR Suntour NEX, which is known to have issues, it would have been nice to include that.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Speeds is the Trek Dual Sport 3?

27 speeds

It has upgrades on the parts that make the biggest difference in performance, like the higher-quality Shimano drivetrain with 27 speeds, Puncture-resistant tires and tubeless-ready rims.

Is Trek Fx3 a Road Bike?

FX 3 is a workhorse hybrid bike that offers the speed of a road bike, the versatility of a city bike, and the comfort of a fitness bike.

Is Trek Dual Sport a Gravel Bike?

A versatile hybrid bike that performs on various surfaces is the Dual Sport 2. It’s efficient on pavement, stable on rougher terrain like gravel paths, and comfortable wherever you ride it.

Are Trek Dual Sport Bikes Good?

It’s a dependable and capable mountain bike that’s perfect for those new to the trail. Check out FX if you’re looking for a hybrid that performs better on pavement. It is made for quick workout rides and adaptable fun in the city.

Is Trek Better Than Polygon?

Not able to decide which one to go for – Polygon comes with a better groupset of Tiagra, but the Trek comes with lifetime warranty on frame and generally better brand perception. With Trek being on the pricey side, Polygon appears to offer better value.


What is the review of Trek Dual Sport 3?

On paved surfaces, Dual Sport 3 is quick and effective, and on dirt trails, it is assured and competent. It has improvements on the components that have the biggest performance impacts, such as a tubeless-ready drivetrain, lighter, simpler Shimano 1x rims, and puncture-resistant tires.

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