How to Hang a Bike Step-by-step Guide

How to Hang a Bike? Step-by-step Guide

A practical way to conserve space and protect your bike from harm is to hang it up on the wall. So, how to hang a bike? 

You should use a bike rack or a bike hook to safely hang your bike on the wall. You’ll have more free space and simple access to your bike whenever you’re ready for a ride once you’ve correctly installed the mount for your bike using a drill.

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How to Hang a Bike?

Here is an easy step-by-step guide on how to hang a bike on the wall:

Select a Spot

Decide where you want to keep your bike; a garage, if you have one, is ideal, but a porch or the side of your house will do just as well. The size of your bike should be taken into account before you begin because you’ll need to be able to maneuver around it and access it with ease.

Find a Bicycle Mount

Bicycle mounts come in a wide variety; some hang from walls or ceilings and some are designed to hold multiple bikes. Find a dual-mount hook that works for your situation; we are using one to fasten our bike to a brick wall.

How to Hang a Bike Step-by-step Guide
How to Hang a Bike? Step-by-step Guide

Mark the Holes for Your Mount

Mark the holes once you’ve chosen the location where your bicycle will hang. Using a pencil, mark the locations of the pilot holes while holding the mount against the wall to ensure that it is level and in place. To ensure that the bike is raised sufficiently off the ground, keep the bike’s size in mind. Always read the label on the mount you’re using because your bike will sit differently on each one.

It’s Time to Drill Your Pilot Holes

Make sure your wall is strong enough to support a bike before you start drilling into the wood. Using a hammer drill, we are securing our bike to a brick wall. Depending on your surface, there are different ways to attach your brackets. It’s about to get noisy, so make sure you’re wearing your personal protection equipment.

How to Hang a Bike Step-by-step Guide
How to Hang a Bike? Step-by-step Guide

Mount Your Bracket

To attach your mount, attach your expansion plugs first with a hammer, then grab your drill. Each bracket will be affixed differently, so check the label before you begin. Once it has been affixed to the wall, give it a gentle tug to make sure it is firmly in place.

Hang Your Bike!

There is only one thing left to do after weighing your bracket: hang your bike! How simple was that? Safely kept and prepared for use!

Gather Your Tools and Materials

The list of supplies and equipment you need for this project is provided below.

How to Hang a Bike Step-by-step Guide
How to Hang a Bike? Step-by-step Guide

Why It’s Important to Know How to Hang Your Bikes

One day you decide you need to hang the bicycles in the storage room. They take up a lot of space and if you unintentionally knock them over, you risk damaging them or even hurting yourself. You can’t keep leaning them against the wall.

Don’t Forget — Bikes Are Beautiful, Too

Although they’ll look great hung up on any wall in your house, keep in mind that bikes can end up covered in grease, mud, or dirt. Therefore, either plan to clean your bike before you get home or hang it somewhere where it won’t make a big mess.

On the other hand, your bike is more likely to be stolen if you hang it up in plain sight. When deciding where to hang it, give it careful consideration. Be aware that if you leave it outside, it could become damaged by the sun, heat, rain, or moisture.

Now that you know all there is to know about hanging bikes, take a tour of our bike backpacks and ride on!

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