Trek Verve 3 Review In 2022 Pros & Cons [Updated]

Trek Verve 3 Review In 2022: Pros & Cons [Updated]

To start with, what are trek verve 3 reviews?

Designed for comfort on roads, paths, and city streets, the Verve 3 Disc is an easy-riding hybrid bike. The top-tier Verve model has a modernized drivetrain, solid puncture-resistant tires, and vibration-reducing handlebars and grips to make your ride even more comfortable.

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Customers’ Reviews Of Trek Verve 3

Praises Of Trek Verve 3

Comfort And Performance

58 years old, I chose this bike because I wanted a high-end model. I typically ride 20 miles or less, and I enjoy the comfort and handling of this bike. Although the top end is a little slow, the speed/comfort ratio is good. It’s suitable, in my opinion, for someone who wants a good bike but isn’t a serious biker. The quality is there.

Excellent Bike For Almost Anywhere.

I hadn’t ridden a bicycle since I was 15 years old. It’s been a while since then. Returning to the saddle is made simpler by The Verge. IT is a very comfortable bicycle. fantastic for simply cruising anywhere. But do not fall for the trick. The Verge is capable of taking on challenging trail rides. That bike I used to ride had a 10 speed and could go anywhere. I rekindle that spirit and run the Verge through everything. With the gearing, you can climb hills on any surface. The gearing has significant gaps. You’ll need to develop your shifting skills. When purchasing, adjust the bike’s setup and replace the pedals. I use PD-T8000 XT pedals, SPD Terry Butterfly TI Gel saddle

Complaints Of Trek Verve 3

A Great Bike, But Not So Great Tires!

I have 260 lbs. and am 60 years old. I received this bike as a reward from my employer for 30 years of service. I primarily use this to ride rail trails. In the last year, I’ve added about 350 miles. During the early 1990s, I owned a Swinn mountain bike. How much of a difference switching to this bike made. My bike is great, and I highly suggest it. But after riding the bike for so many miles, the tires are extremely worn. They continue to be fine, but it’s unclear for how long. The front spokes needed to be adjusted, but other than that, nothing to complain about.


I don’t ride often, but I do occasionally. 15 to 20 mpd 6 to 7 days per week. The seat’s proximity to the handlebars caught my attention right away because I have a particularly long torso (imagine wearing one of those big, tall shirts). like how it’s uncomfortable to stand up and pedal quickly. Also very peculiar is the gearing. 2/3 is awkward but 2/2 is pedaling as fast as your legs can go up hills. Although undoubtedly not a Cannondale, I had higher expectations for such a cheap bike. My hybrid Cannondale-owning riding partners breeze past me with ease. Although the tires are 700/45, the resistance difference shouldn’t have much of an effect. I don’t know why they’re cheap bearings. I was able to regain some of the stretch from the seatpost to the HB post by fully lowering my handlebars.

Pros Of Trek Verve 3

  • Although there are only two color options available for the Verve+ 3 (Matte Black or Teal), there is still a fantastic range of five different size options and two different frame types. Extra-small, small, medium, and large sizes are available if you choose the step-thru frame (also known as the “Lowstep” frame by Trek). You have the choice between medium, large, and extra-large for the high-step frame. You can get professionally fitted for the best ride experience with ease thanks to the wide selection and the many dealers. You can see why many riders have a lot of faith in the Trek brand by combining this with the outstanding warranty that includes two years of comprehensive coverage and lifetime coverage for the frame and fork.
  • Thanks to the wide range of sizes and frames, as well as the quill stem’s adjustability, it’s simple to dial in comfort whether you prefer an upright or a forward-leaning seating position. The highest seating position is offered by step-thru frames, which also make mounting and dismounting simple. In contrast, the high-step frame is better suited for a more aggressive, forward seating position and offers greater stability at high speeds. The Boulevard saddle is fairly wide with a full cutout for maximum comfort, the Satellite Elite ergonomic grips are grippy and locking so they don’t rotate, and the contact points from Bontrager are well designed.
  • Trek also manufactures the suspension Seatpost, which has a 40mm range of motion as opposed to the 30mm of many rival products. It is slightly more durable due to its 31.6mm diameter, and when fully removed, you can adjust the suspension pre-load using an Allen wrench, which is useful for fine-tuning the performance for your size.
  • Along with being very adjustable, the quill stem is Blendr compatible. Blendr is a mounting system that makes it simple to attach a variety of accessories, such as phone mounts, cycle computers, and additional lights, to the top of the stem. To see every piece of Trek gear that is compatible with Blendr, refer to the resources section at the end of this evaluation.
  • The Verve+ 3 is a great option for commuting to work and running errands because it is feature-complete and fully equipped for commuting with high-quality accessories.
  • The rear rack has been given a nice upgrade by becoming MIK-ready, but it still supports the same standard weight limit of 25 kg/50 lb. By simply clicking them into place and removing them with a small key tool, the MIK platform makes it simple to quickly attach and detach luggage containers such as baskets or pannier bags. In addition, if you already have a bag or other carrier that you like, you can add on a MIK adapter plate to make it compatible with this rack. This eliminates the time and frustration of having to unfasten and/or untie the more common luggage containers.
  • The full-length plastic fenders are well-mounted, resilient, and strong. I appreciate that the front fender has a toe-strike guard, which offers some additional coverage and lessens any impacts from your foot if you bonk it while turning. Plastic fenders can be prone to rattling loudly, especially on bumpy roads, but I didn’t notice any while test riding. When riding at night, visibility is further improved by the 120 lumens of the front light and the excellent side cutouts. The rear light, which has three LEDs, is also very visible.
  • The Bontrager E6 tires are 5c wider than the H5 tires on the Verve+ 2 at 700x50c. This additional width results in a more comfortable ride because there is more air volume, and you also get Hard-Case Lite puncture protection for greater peace of mind while commuting. These tires are a great safety feature and a welcome improvement over the all-black tires of the previous generation because they have bright sidewall striping for excellent side visibility.
  • In addition to making chain maintenance much simpler by preventing the need to mount the bike on a stand or turn it upside down, the kickstand is rear-mounted so that it won’t get entangled with the cranks when moving the bike backward.
  • The Verve+ 2’s standard Active Line MY19 motor has been replaced with the Bosch Active Line Plus MY20 motor. With higher peak wattage, more torque, higher maximum assist, and higher maximum cadence, this motor offers a slight increase in power and performance. Though they are still quite similar and the majority of riders will be fine on either model, you can tell the difference if you test the two motors side by side. It is best suited for more active riders who enjoy cycling and getting some exercise and only need an electric motor occasionally to assist and balance out some steep inclines on their commute. This motor is incredibly sensitive and is based on torque.
  • Shimano’s Alivio groupset has a wide range of 11-36 teeth on the nine-speed cassette that is more than adequate for all types of city riding, and it performs flawlessly as usual. The Alivio trigger shifters are quite satisfying to use, and the up-shifting paddle is a two-way, making it easier to shift while keeping your fingers on or close to the brakes.
  • Shimano’s MT200 hydraulic disc brakes are back and still perform admirably, offering quiet and smooth stopping power and simple operation in comparison to mechanical disc brakes. In addition, hydraulic brakes don’t need to be tightened, which means they need less maintenance overall than mechanical brakes.
  • In comparison to the Bosch PowerPack 400, which was mounted on top of the downtube on the Verve+ 2, the Bosch PowerTube 500 has an additional 100 watt-hours of capacity and now seamlessly integrates into the towntube. The bike appears more “stealthy” thanks to the clean integration, which also makes it look much nicer and keeps the battery better protected. This can lower the risk of theft. The battery has a flip-up handle for convenient carrying when removed and can be charged on or off the bike.
  • The key used to remove the battery is made by ABUS and is keyed alike ready, allowing you to order locks and other accessories from ABUS that will function with your keys. You can order new keys with your key identification card if you lose both of yours, so keep it someplace safe.
  • Additionally compatible with Range-boost is the battery setup! The PowerPack 500 battery can be mounted using the three bottle cage bosses on the top of the downtube, which is a feature provided by Bosch and effectively doubles your maximum range. This is much more convenient than simply purchasing a separate battery that needs to be carried around and changed out because it enables you to charge both batteries simultaneously while mounted on the bike.
  • The ride feel and responsiveness are excellent. The Verve+ 3 is incredibly smooth and satisfying to ride even with the motor turned off because Trek has been manufacturing acoustic bicycles for a very long time, and it really shows in the level of craftsmanship and perfect tuning of the bike. When the motor is turned on, the electrical system by Bosch exhibits a similar level of expertise, responding instantly to changes in pedal pressure and reading torque, cadence, and rear wheel speed at a rate of more than 1,000 readings per second!
  • The Purion display is the smallest Bosch offers, and thanks to the excellent contrast ratio of the grayscale LCD display, it is unobtrusive and out of the way while still providing clear and easy-to-read information. I like this display because it provides the essential information and is easy to use, allowing me to concentrate on riding without having to fuss with settings.
Trek Verve 3 Review In 2022 Pros & Cons [Updated]
Trek Verve 3 Review In 2022: Pros & Cons [Updated]

Cons Of Trek Verve 3

  • For many riders, the lack of front suspension won’t be an issue, but if you reside in a region with unpaved roads and numerous potholes, you might not enjoy riding there with this setup. Although you would lose the high adjustability of the Blendr quill stem, riders with sensitive hands and/or wrists may also find the ride to be too rough. You could switch out the stem for a suspension stem.
  • If you prefer to have more statistics, programmable settings, and perhaps a USB port for charging small electronics while riding, the Bosch Purion display may leave you wanting more. The Purion is also not detachable, making it susceptible to weather damage or bumps from the bike rack. Nevertheless, it is quite durable and ought to be able to withstand anything barring a severe direct impact. Your Trek dealer can upgrade your display to one with more features if you’d prefer it, but be prepared to spend at least $200 for one like the Kiox, Nyon, or Smartphone Hub since Bosch displays are interchangeable.
  • On Bosch displays, you can normally use Walk Mode and turn off the lights, but these features are not available on Trek ebikes. The dedicated WALK button on the display’s bottom has no function when pressed, and the lights are always on while it is powered on. Since the goal of this configuration is to maximize safety, I believe Trek dealers can change both settings upon request.
  • This torque-sensing system is very responsive, as previously mentioned, making it a great option for riders who are more active. This ebike might not be the best option for you if you have delicate knees or anything else that makes it difficult for you to apply a lot of force to the pedals. In contrast, cadence-sensing systems only need you to gently turn the cranks back and forth.
  • The fact that there were three bottle cage bosses on the downtube at first made me happy because they are usually great for securely mounting a variety of accessories. On the Verve+ 3, however, mounting any accessories that wrap around the downtube will prevent you from removing the PowerTube battery from the frame without first removing your accessories, which would be inconvenient and time-consuming. However, unless you keep the bike inside at all times, it’s generally not a good idea to leave the battery in the frame while it’s mounted on the bike for charging. Batteries are the most expensive part of an ebike and don’t perform well when exposed to high temperatures for extended periods of time. When mounted, they also increase the risk of theft. If you choose the RangeBoost upgrade, these mounting bosses really come into their own because they’re used to hold the mounting parts for the extra battery in place.
  • Although the charge port is very low and close to the cranks on the left side, you can still charge the battery while it is safely inside the downtube. This is a dangerous position because if the bike is moved or knocked over while charging, the cranks and charging cord could become tangled. Position the bike far enough away from traffic to reduce this risk. See more about Trek Verve 2 Review.

Observations Of Trek Verve 3

  • Along with Giant and Specialized, Trek is regarded as one of the “Big Three” bicycle manufacturers in the world. They have hundreds of dealers just in the United States, which gives them a convincing advantage in terms of support, as well as color and size options—even though you pay a premium price! Trek started out only producing hand-brazed steel frames in 1975, but they have come a long way since then.
  • Given the $500 USD price increase, the Trek Verve+ 3 is no longer the least expensive electric bike in the company’s lineup. Although technically it would be their most affordable electric bike, Trek is still selling the Verve+ 2 and the original Verve+ (both for $2,499 USD). It’s important to note that Trek does have a selection of more affordable ebikes available under the Electra name, which Trek purchased in 2014.
  • When the standard chainring was swapped out for one with narrow-wide teeth, the chain derailment problem that existed in some Verve+ 2 units was resolved. The Verve+ 3 comes standard with a narrow-wide chainring, so there shouldn’t be any derailling issues. Despite being made at no cost to owners, this replacement was still inconvenient to deal with.
  • Compared to the “Hard-Case Ultimate” that was included with the Verve+ 3’s predecessor generation, the puncture protection is described as “Hard-Case Lite.” Although it might seem like a downgrade, the Hard-Case Lite still seems to perform admirably while being lighter, based on what I’ve been able to find. See more about Verve 1 Trek Review

Why You’ll Love It

  1. This hybrid combines excellent comfort features with a modernized, lighter, and more performance-oriented drivetrain modeled after a road bike.
  2. Verve’s upright geometry puts you in the perfect position to see the world around you.
  3. With a trailer attached, you can transport children, go for a ride on the bike path with friends, or ride to work alongside coworkers.
  4. You can slow down or stop more quickly with disc brakes, they work well in any weather, and they require less effort to use than rim brakes.
  5. It is covered by Trek’s Lifetime warranty, just like every other Trek hybrid, so you get a friend for life.

The Tech You Get

Wide-range 2×9 Shimano drivetrain, powerful disc brakes, wide 45c puncture-resistant tires for added confidence and stability, a road-smoothing suspension seatpost, and an IsoZone handlebar and grips that absorb road bumps are all features of a light, aluminum frame.

Trek Verve 3
Trek Verve 3

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Trek Verve 3 a Gravel Bike?

The Trek Verve 3 Disc is the model that will give you comfortable neighborhood rides or the occasional gravel ride.

How Fast Does a Trek Verve 3 Go?

20 mph

A lightweight aluminum frame, a Bosch Active Line Plus (250W, 50Nm) motor capable of sustaining speeds up to 20 mph, a Together with a Bosch Purion controller, the Bosch PowerTube 500Wh battery is completely enclosed in the frame.

How Much Does the Trek Verve 3 Weight?

31.64 lbs

The Verve 3 Disc is a comfortable hybrid bike that is made for riding on roads, paths, and city streets.

What is the Range of the Trek Verve 3?

30 to 75 miles

The system also includes a 500Wh Bosch Powertube battery, giving you 30 to 75 miles of range on a single charge. The Purion display’s simplicity makes switching between power levels a breeze.

Which is Better Gravel Bike Or Hybrid Bike?

Gravel Bike Geometry, whilst relaxed – is still more competitive than a hybrid bike. Compared to a hybrid bike, a gravel bike’s riding position is built for greater speed and handling. In order to accommodate panniers and other forms of luggage, both hybrid bikes and gravel bikes have been built with longer trips in mind.

The End

You want a bike that will get you where you need to go while also making every ride comfortable. You want dependable parts and a ride that will make you happy every time you get on the saddle if you want to try some longer rides for fitness or commuting.

To find out more about our bikes, contact us right away.

Best wishes.

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