Public Bikes Review What Customers Say

Public Bikes Review: What Customers Say

What do you think public bikes? What are the public bikes reviews?

Public holds the exact same opinion as Public that bicycles were created out of the need for more effective, affordable, and sustainable transportation.

You’ll undoubtedly find something you like in Public’s diverse selection if you’re looking for a bicycle to ride every day without having to worry about special attire or technical equipment.

Please continue reading as I provide more detailed information about public bikes review.

Customer Review Of Public Bikes

Cosmic Journeys Ahead Briana P.

Super customer service and ease of final assembly with basic guidance first off
But the sensation of this ride. For this Galaxy Girl, the functionality, quality, and smoothness are unmatched. I adore it to pieces.


This bike is 99% assembled when it is delivered and is so pleasant to ride. It shifts so smoothly and is really nice, especially since you can switch gears while you’re still moving. It has puncture resistant tires that work pretty well, being from the high desert, I put that to the test but unfortunately the side walls are not puncture resistant, but tRead more about review stating Awesome/

hat’s to be expected. When I hit an unanticipated bump in the road or ride off sidewalks, the double-walled rims provide me with some welcome peace of mind. I ordered the small/med frame and it fits perfectly because I am 5’8″ and 165 lbs. I was a little hesitant because I am right in the middle of the two sizes in terms of height, but I made the right decision.

Best Ever!

I was finally able to buy the Public bike that I had been wanting for a while. I purchased a C7 and a Thousand helmet, and I adore both. The ride is incredibly comfortable and supple. I’ve always had some trouble with biking, but it really just comes down to the bike you use. I can’t wait to use it outside thanks to this one. I selected the review that said “Best Ever!”

eady to ride shipping method and setup couldn’t have been easier.

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Public V1 Review

Do you possess a picture of your father or grandfather standing ecstatically next to their very first bicycle? We bet the bike looks a lot like Public V1.

Public V1 has a classic retro diamond frame with mustache handlebars and straightforward, functional components.

The single-speed drivetrain needs very little maintenance to remain in pristine condition, and the steel frame and fork are virtually indestructible.

Though equally effective for both men and women, the step-through design is ideal for men. You’ll appreciate the addition of front and rear fenders, a chainguard, and a kickstand if you intend to commute and ride all year long.

Public V1 comes equipped with front and rear dual-pivot caliper brakes that will stop you in an instant under any circumstance. Additionally, it has tough tires that measure 700C x 35mm that can withstand city streets with potholes.

If you value style, tradition, and quick commutes, you’ll find it easy to fall in love with it.

Public V1 Review
Public V1 Review

Public V7 Review

Although most people can get by with a single-speed drivetrain, not everyone can. If you want to climb with a bit more ease and ride a bit faster, check out the Public V7.

With the exception of the 7-speed drivetrain, this model is the Public V1’s twin. You can use the granny gear provided by the 7-speed Shimano rear derailleur to pedal up the challenging hill separating you from your destination.

The Public V7 comes in five stunning colors and includes all the bells and whistles you would expect from one of the best city bikes. Thanks to the heavy-duty Kenda tires and full-length fenders, you can ride it in any weather.

Public V7 will facilitate a smooth transition if you want to give up driving, save money, and enhance your health and wellbeing.

Public V7 Review
Public V7 Review

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Public R18 Drop Bar Review

Do you always feel rushed in the morning, as if there isn’t enough time to complete everything? Then you require a bike that will make your commute quicker. Public R18 Drop Bar might be the one.

This bicycle has an adaptable 18-speed drivetrain and a lightweight diamond-shaped steel frame. For travelers, commuters, and speed addicts, it is the ideal option.

The drop bar is what makes R18 stand out the most. You can ride more quickly and aerodynamically while also having more comfortable hand positions thanks to it.

It has dual-pivot caliper brakes for a secure slowdown or stop, as well as premium Shimano Sora front and rear derailleurs.

Additionally, the Public R18 has double-wall rims that are significantly more durable than single-wall ones and faster 28mm tires.

Don’t hesitate to purchase the Public R18 if you want a bike that combines speed with comfort and the modern with the classic.

Public R18 Drop Bar Review
Public R18 Drop Bar Review

Public M7 Review

The step-over and step-through frame designs are combined in the Mixte frame. It is simple to access, stylish, and incredibly powerful and stable.

Public M7 is the most affordable mixte bike this brand offers, but that does not mean you’ll end up lacking any important features.

The M7 has a sturdy steel frame that comes in four different colors and rolls on multipurpose Kenda Kwest 700C x 35mm tires in cream.

A 7-speed drivetrain, front and rear brakes, and a swept-back handlebar that places you in a relaxed riding position are additional features that make this one of the best city bikes.

For trips to work, school, college, or the store, the Public M7 is a charming city commuter that is perfect. Although it already has fenders, you can add a rear rack to it so that you can transport panniers or a child seat.

This bike, in essence, has all the necessities for city dwellers.

Public M7 Review
Public M7 Review

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Public M7i Review

Do you enjoy cycling but detest the thought of getting your hands dirty near the drivetrain? You’re not the only one, but the Public M7i bike offers a solution.

A mixte frame and a gearing system that requires no maintenance distinguish this commuter/city bike from others. It has an internal Shimano Nexus 7-speed gearbox that is completely weatherproof. As a result, you never need to clean or lubricate it.

Public M7i Review
Public M7i Review

Public C7 Review

Public C7 is the most popular and most affordable multi-speed step-through city bike made for women but suitable for men as well.

The C7 is a steel commuter with 700C wheels that comes in eight stylish, contemporary colors. Its simple frame design makes it ideal for riding while wearing a skirt or any other type of clothing.

Although it was designed for leisurely cycling and moderate commutes, you can ride this bike on hills as well. The 7-speed Shimano Acera rear derailleur and dual-pivot front and rear caliper brakes make this possible.

The Public C7 also includes a chainguard, a kickstand, and color-coordinated front and rear fenders, all of which are useful for city riding.

With its geometry and swept-back handlebars, you’ll be in an upright position that’s ideal for leisure and new riders.

Get it if you want to change your life for the better!

Public C7 Review
Public C7 Review

Public C1 Review

If you look up the term “Dutch bike” in the dictionary, you should see a picture of Public C1. It is the epitome of frugality, environmental responsibility, and effective urban transportation.

The C1 is extremely comparable to the C7 model, but as you might guess, this is a single-speed bike. In exchange, maintenance and upkeep are made simpler but your ability to climb hills is reduced.

This step-through steel frame Dutch bike from Public is their most budget-friendly model and comes in three classy colors.

A kickstand, chainguard, saddle, and grips in the color of leather are included in the MSRP of $500, in addition to front and rear fenders.

The only drawback is that single-wall alloy wheels are not as sturdy as double-wall ones. They work just fine for commuting and casual daily riding, though.

We advise people who want to live simpler lives and pay attention to only the important things to read Public C1.

Additionally, the Public M7i has a strong rear rack that you can use to carry anything else you need or to attach a child seat. The full-length, color-coordinated fenders make riding enjoyable throughout the year.

The bike’s availability in just one color is its sole drawback. On the plus side, though, it’s a gorgeous Kimpton Red.

If you want a cheap, aesthetically pleasing, and functional bike, put the Public M7i on your short list.

Public C1 Review
Public C1 Review

Public D8 Electric Review

A city bike with a traditional design that features the BionX electric drive system, torque sensing pedal assistance, four levels of regeneration, and variable speed trigger throttle.

Two frame sizes are available for better fit, a lovely minimalist chain cover matches the frame, and chrome accessories (alloy fenders, cranks, seat post, and steel bars) are also included.

Mechanical disc brakes with tool-free pad adjustment, a solid alloy chain guide that minimizes drops, a steel frame and fork that reduce vibration, reflective tires, and an integrated rear light.

a rear-heavy design that places some of its weight higher up versus low and centered, throttle won’t activate until the bicycle is moving ~2 mph for safety, more exposed wires.

Public D8 Electric Review
Public D8 Electric Review

Public M8 Electric Review

A lovely, classically designed mixte electric bike with alloy fenders, a rear light that is integrated, and a rear rack and chain guard that match.

Eight speed drivetrain with a Shimano Claris road bike drivetrain, comfortable swept back bars, padded faux leather grips, and matching saddle.

Strong mechanical disc brakes that can be adjusted with the finger, a strong but silent gearless motor that offers four levels of assist and regen, regenerative braking, and trigger throttle.

Rear heavy design, no headlight or slap guard, premium battery cells, deep-sleep shutoff for protection, excellent 30-day return policy, and a two-year warranty.

Public M8 Electric Review
Public M8 Electric Review

What Is Public Bike?

Rob Forbes started PUBLIC because of his “deep respect and admiration” for Amsterdam’s streets and roads. The only vehicles on those roads are people and bicycles. Forbes thought the way of life in Amsterdam was straightforward and practical. That was the inspiration behind the creation of PUBLIC: that everyone, from all backgrounds and life experiences, was riding bikes. In addition to being practical, PUBLIC bikes are a fashionable take on the “Dutch bikes” their founder adored. According to that concept, simplicity is PUBLIC’s guiding principle. They can ship their bikes to your home 99% assembled, or if you prefer, you can purchase a fully assembled model from a partner local bike shop.

How Reliable Are The Public Bikes?

For novice and casual riders, Public manufactures entry-level bicycles. Both commuting cyclists and more ardent cyclists can use their more sophisticated models. These bikes are of high quality, but because they are priced reasonably, their parts are not as durable as those in comparably priced builds and cannot withstand the same amount of abuse.

Should I Purchase A Step-through Bike?

We advise purchasing a step-through bike if you intend to ride in a skirt or dress or simply want a bike with the simplest access. When compared to a bike with a step-over frame, you won’t notice any performance differences.

Where Are Public Bicycles Produced?

Taiwan is the manufacturer of public bikes. More specifically, the bicycles are put together and tuned in Marin County, California, but the frames are made in Taiwan. By doing this, the business can cut production costs while still exerting total control over the quality of the finished product.

Final Thoughts

The post’s main focus was a review of public bicycles.

City bicycles made by Public are excellent for regular commuters, casual weekend riders, and sporadic leisure riders. These parts simply reflect the price tag; it does not imply that the parts used in the construction of these bikes are of low quality.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions about the public bikes review. As long as I see it, I will respond right away.

Thank you so much for reading. Thank you!

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