Batch Bicycles Review What You Want To Know 

Batch Bicycles Review: What You Want To Know 

Are you plan to buy batch bicycles? Do you want to know batch bicycles review?

The E-Bike from Batch Bicycles performs admirably when compared to e-bikes from other, more reputable and established manufacturers. The ride, performance, price, and impressive Bosch powertrain earn it a place among those giants, despite the fact that it may initially appear to be the underdog when competing with e-bikes from brands like Specialized and Canyon.

If you want a bike for your child that won’t cost a fortune, will be fun to ride, and is simple to maintain, then the Batch Kids Bike may very well be the bike for you. It has kid-friendly geometry, is sturdy, and won’t disintegrate like a bike from a big-box retailer.

Read on for a review of batch bicycles that includes more information.

Batch E-bike Review

Components Of Batch E-bike

The aluminum frame and fork used in the construction of the Batch E-Bike can be harsh, but if you don’t inflate the included Kenda 27.5″ x 1.75″ tires to their maximum, they do a good job of absorbing some of the shocks.

The fact that the wheels are 27.5 is an interesting choice. However, bikes designed to travel at high speeds are increasingly outfitted with 700c or 29″ wheels, which results in good acceleration and maneuverability.

The bike’s 250W Bosch motor and 400Wh battery are its heart. Since it is a class 1 e-bike, it will only assist you while you pedal, unlike a motorcycle. But it’ll make it relatively easy for you to reach 20 mph. Naturally, you’ll still have to put in some work, but it will be less work than if you were attempting to ride a regular bike at 20 mph.

The drivetrain and the remaining parts are what you might anticipate on a basic city bike: a You have a total of 8 speeds in each mode thanks to the Shimano Altus 8-speed rear derailleur’s pairing with just one chainring.

The FSA components around the rest of the bike are a nice touch, as are the Kenda Kwick tires. The E-Bike comes equipped with front and rear fenders, a rear rack, and a kickstand, so you don’t need to purchase any additional accessories to get started riding in the city.

Top-shelf Parts

Bosch is the Rolls Royce of ebike motor and battery manufacturers. Most high-end bike manufacturers use its motors because they are incredibly quiet and strong. The drawback is that, save for this Batch, bikes with Bosch components typically cost significantly more.

Batch has stayed with a rather unattractive battery-on-frame design in order to pay for the nicer motor and battery. The seat post is suspended, there are no integrated lights, and there is no fancy color display. Instead, the most crucial components are of the highest quality: You receive a set of Shimano gears, a hydraulic disc brake system from Tektro, as well as a frame made of welded 6061 aluminum alloy that weighs only about 50 pounds. The standard, bolt-on size of the 400 watt-hour Bosch battery will reduce the cost and simplify maintenance.

These are all, in my opinion, the right decisions. Cool unibody designs, integrated lighting, and slick paint jobs? They are cool, but the working parts are more crucial to the riding experience. The Batch does come with built-in pannier racks and fenders, which are really nice to have on any bike. You won’t have any trouble strapping on a grocery bag, and no matter the weather, you’ll feel secure going anywhere.

Cruise Control

When you ride a bike with a Bosch motor, the thing about them is that you frequently are unaware of how much heavy lifting they are performing. When I first got on the Batch, I thought the motor wasn’t operating at full power, but as soon as I reduced the power level, I realized how mistaken I had been. The ride is incredibly smooth.

This bike isn’t really built for speed, anyway. Despite having a relatively heavy bike and being a 6-foot man, I was still able to exceed the advertised 20 mph limit by going 19 miles per hour on the flats. I was cruising most of the time in the low teens. Although it doesn’t allow you to fly past cyclists wearing spandex, this bike sure does make long rides more bearable.

Small road imperfections are virtually invisible thanks to the large, fat Kenda tires, which also make turning while carrying a load a breeze. Even with a box of sparkling water in the pannier from the store, comfort and stability are incredible.

If you use the bike carefully, you can get up to 80 miles on a single charge, but you should plan on getting only 30 to 40 miles if you want to use it at full throttle. It performs admirably on flat and moderately hilly terrain, but if you’re planning to climb steep hills, you’ll need a more potent motor. Sorry to the Bay Area riders.

Boring Is Beautiful

The Batch seems more appropriate for a time before COVID, when you would likely be traveling a considerable distance to and from your office. It will handle trips to the grocery store just fine for the time being. For weekend romps around town, however, this is unquestionably not the ebike for you; instead, you might want to check out some of the more reasonably priced options from Propella or Rad Bikes. Although they have comparable power, I believe the Batch will hold up much better because of its better-quality parts and ease of maintenance.

The biggest downside is the lack of integrated lights, but you can easily solve that with some very nice rechargeable ones.

Although not the most attractive sales pitch, the Batch E-Bike more than makes up for its lack of good looks with strength and construction. You can expect to use it for many years. You might grow to love it just as much as you did your previous Toyota Camry.

How Do The Motor And Battery Work?

Over the course of the few weeks I had to test Batch’s bike, the motor and battery really shined. In Eco mode, I got well over 40 miles per charge, more than enough to get around town.

I also learned that even though there are only eight gears on the back, there are four motor modes, each of which has eight different speeds. I discovered that I really enjoyed Eco mode, which kept me moving at 9.3 mph, ideal for walking my dog and getting some exercise.

Do not forget that this is not a motorcycle. You’ll continue to exert a lot of effort on the hills. It’s just not quite as difficult as riding a regular bike.

Batch Kids Bicycle Review

Available From Your Local Bike Shop

Numerous parents who speak with us don’t ride bicycles frequently. They don’t want to shell out a lot of cash to purchase a top-tier children’s bike, such as a Wombat. They merely desire a bike for their child that functions well, is sturdy, and that the child will enjoy riding. It won’t break the bank either.

The Batch Kids Bicycle is the one in question.

The bike is made of quality components that won’t fall apart like a big box store bike. It has child specific geometry, unlike most of the bikes that you’ll find on Amazon.

It’s a good bike that your kid will enjoy riding.

The final cherry on the sundae is that it’s available at local bike shops. This is a big deal, because most of the kids bike brands that we love and recommend are direct to consumer. But buying online means that you need to be able to assemble a bike yourself. And maintain it.

Purchasing your child’s bike from a neighborhood bike shop makes a lot of sense if you aren’t very mechanically savvy. It means you’ll have somebody to fix your child’s tire when it goes flat. To make sure everything is installed correctly.

Additionally, supporting a neighborhood bike shop helps the local economy.


Clearly, the Batch Kids Bicycle is NOT our favorite children’s bike. But it just may be our favorite AFFORDABLE kids bike.

If money is not an issue, this is not the bike for you. But if you’re like 99% of the population, and buying an expensive bike for your child isn’t your #1 priority, then you will be very happy with the Batch Bicycle.

It’s comparable in price to many bikes you might find at a big box store or on Amazon ($210 for the 20″ version), but it’s much higher quality. It has better geometry for young children than the majority of those bikes, is lighter than most of them, and has strong components that won’t break down easily.

Child Appropriate Geometry

Child-appropriate geometry is something we don’t often see in “budget” children’s bikes. They usually have a comically short wheelbase, a wide q-factor, long crank arms, and a high center of gravity.

The Batch children’s bike does a good job of offering a bicycle that children genuinely enjoy riding. The cranks arms are appropriately sized for efficient pedaling, and the wheelbase is long which provides extra stability.

However, the bottom bracket is still a little high and the q-factor (the space between the pedals) is still a little wide when compared to a high-end children’s bike (like the Woom 4). However, the Batch performs admirably in comparison to most children’s bikes.

Perhaps the most important thing to note in terms of geometry are the wide and upright handlebars. Younger children and those just starting to pedal benefit from the confidence and control that this gives them.

The upright handlebars might be a little much for older children and more aggressive riders., though even then, they’re fun for doing “tricks.”

Batch Bicycles Review What You Want To Know 
Batch Bicycles Review: What You Want To Know 

Coaster Brake And No Hand Brakes

When it comes to the Batch kids bike, I’m actually a pretty big fan—at least until the topic of braking comes up. The Batch kids bike has a coaster brake and no hand brakes.

In general, coaster brakes don’t exactly win us over. (We believe they can be risky and make learning to pedal more difficult. For more information on this subject, see our article on coaster brakes.

Even so, as long as there are hand brakes, a bike with a coaster can be modified to have a freehub. Unfortunately, the Batch children’s bike is also devoid of hand brakes.

We strongly advise parents to choose a child’s bike with hand brakes, even if it’s a beginner pedal bike. Learn how to use the hand brakes, even if you’re riding the coaster. If taught to children at a young age, the ability to brake is much easier to develop. Consider again if you believe that young children cannot safely use a handbrake. We routinely see kids (ours included) who learn to safely operate a hand brake as young as 2.5 years old.

Having said that, not many bikes at this price point come with dual hand brakes that are simple to use and simple to pull, so if money is an issue, the Batch bike is still a respectable choice.

Single Gear Is Well Suited For Flat Roads

The Batch kids bicycle comes with a single gear. This is typical of smaller-sized bikes and offers the simplicity young children need.

However, the concept of a single gear may turn off some people who are looking for a 20-inch bike. We like the single speed option for younger kids, those who have yet to master riding, and parents who want a low-maintenance bike. However, some families may be prepared to look for a bike with gears if they frequently ride in hilly areas or have children who can pedal on their own. Look elsewhere if that describes you.

The single gear is easy to use and effective for everyone else. The gearing is best suited for flat roads. My son, who is used to a bike with gears, grumbled a little bit about the gearing when climbing hills, but on flat ground he was able to cruise quickly without spinning out.

Reasonable Weight

The 20 inch bike we tested weighed 19 pounds. Even though this bike isn’t the lightest one available, it’s still good. And it’s still lighter than a bike like the Trek Precaliber 20* which weighs 22 pounds (and costs a bit more).

Unfortunately, the 12 inch version weighs in at only a couple pounds less (18 lbs with training wheels). This is far too heavy, in my opinion, for a 3-year-old to learn on. The Trek Precaliber 12*, for comparison sake, weighs 15 pounds, and the Woom 2 weighs a mere 11 pounds.

The weight won’t be an issue if you’re considering the 20-inch bike, have an athletic child, and don’t intend to make them climb any significant inclines. If you’re looking at the 12 inch model, I’d strongly advise spending a little extra money to get a lighter bike that will be more enjoyable for your child to learn to ride and easier for them to handle.

Nice Wide Tires Provide Good Traction

The tires on the Batch kids bike are fairly wide and high-volume for a bike that isn’t a mountain bike. The 20 inch bike, for example, has 2.125″ tires.

With better traction and more stability, the tires can be driven at a slight lower tire pressure than a skinnier tire. It also allows it to be comfortably ridden off curbs, over cracks in the sidewalk, etc.

The tire tread is pretty slick (no knobbys) so the bike is definitely better suited to pavement than to dirt or gravel, although it should make it across mild mixed terrain just fine.

Final Words

batch bicycles review the primary topic of the article. Please post a comment if you’d like to learn more about batch bicycles reviews. I appreciate your reading. Have a good day.

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