How Fast Does a 50cc Dirt Bike Go All You Want to Know

How Fast Does a 50cc Dirt Bike Go? All You Want to Know

How fast does a 50cc dirt bike go? A 50cc dirt bike typically has a top speed of 25 to 30 mph. The rider’s weight, the terrain, and the kind of bike can all have an impact on a bike’s actual top speed, among other things.

Depending on the manufacturer and model, 50cc dirt bikes typically have different speed limits. In addition, the majority of children can enjoy riding their bikes without using the full throttle to keep their speed at a pleasant level.

So how quickly does a 50cc dirt bike travel? Let’s find out…

How Fast Does a 50cc Dirt Bike Go?

50cc dirt motorcycles come in electric, motocross, and trail.

The Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 electric dirt bike is a great entry-level option for kids due to its extremely low speed of 15mph. The good news is that it is safe to ride around the neighborhood and it is legal for the street. But electric bikes are too slow for anything thrilling, like racing and off-roading, and your kid might quickly outgrow them.

Due to their adjustable speed limits that aid children in becoming accustomed to safely operating dirt bikes, the Honda CRF50F and Yamaha TTR50E are well-liked substitutes for beginning riders.

Trail dirt motorcycles can reach top speeds of 25 to 40 miles per hour, depending on the type and size of the bike.

The Yamaha PW50, which has a speed range between 20 and 28 mph, is an example of a mini trail motorcycle that young children between the ages of 4 and 6 should be able to operate.

The Honda CRF50F has a seat that is 3 inches taller and a much faster top speed of 35 mph, making it ideal for older children between the ages of 5 and 7.

Since they have a higher top speed of 45 mph and a higher seat height suitable for larger children, motocross bikes like the KTM SX50 Mini are best for kids with riding experience. However, because of its lightweight construction and suspension system, it also has better handling, making it a great choice for introducing kids to motocross racing.

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Factors That Affect Dirt Bike Speed

While a motorcycle’s engine size primarily determines its top speed, your 50cc dirt bike’s top speed can also be influenced by other factors. The dirt bike’s weight is one determinant. In contrast to a heavier model, lighter dirt bikes, like the Yamaha PW50, are faster and easier to control.

Engine Type

Specifications for dirt bikes, such as the type of engine and changes to the sprocket gearing, can also affect the motorcycle’s performance and speed.

Since 2-stroke engines are frequently lighter and faster than 4-stroke engines, they are perfect for motocross racing dirt bikes. A 4-stroke dirt bike, on the other hand, has a wider power band, which necessitates less gear shifting and is simpler for novice riders to handle.

Gear Ratio

Gear ratio is another aspect that influences speed. By altering the bike’s gear ratio, you can modify the sprocket gearing and raise the performance and average speed of the dirt bike.

The goal is to boost top speed and gain a competitive edge in racing without sacrificing low-end torque acceleration. The size of the front and rear sprockets and their relationship to one another are generally referred to as the gear ratio.

For instance, you could change the stock front or rear sprockets on the dirt bike for ones with more or fewer teeth in order to gear up or down to the desired speed.

The top speed will increase with a smaller rear sprocket, while the acceleration will increase but the top speed will decrease with a larger rear sprocket.

50cc Dirt Bike Max Speed

Before you worry about how fast your child’s bike is going, make sure they are wearing enough safety gear. You need to take safety measures to protect your kids because dirt bikes have the potential to become dangerous.

Even if your kids don’t try to travel at top speeds, it’s still important to prevent this from happening. Never teach very young children about the sport. At least five or six should be the minimum age.

As you lead them into the second gear, make it clear that they shouldn’t go any further. Their bike will be severely constrained by this action. For your own comfort, you can decide not to show how to shift into third gear.

Driving in second gear also makes it less risky to fall. Children learning to ride a dirt bike will unavoidably fall frequently. Include a throttle restriction as well to ensure their safety.

The risks associated with owning a dirt bike that can go fast are distinct. Sometimes, novice riders fall victim to the so-called “Whiskey throttle.” It occurs when a rider on a motorcycle pulls back on the throttle and freezes up out of fear of the speed.

The child might not always be conscious of the need to let go of the throttle to allow the bike to slow down, and the high speed can cause them to collide with something and lose their balance.

Select a throttle limiter that is simple to install, like the Yamaha TTR50, by tightening the bolt that sticks out from under the throttle.

Which is the Safest Speed for Kids?

Make sure your child has the appropriate protective gear on before worrying about the speed at which their bike is going. It is crucial to make sure your kids are properly protected because dirt bikes have the potential to run amok.

Even if your children don’t try to reach top speeds, it’s still important to stop this from happening. Do not introduce the sport to very young children. Let them be at least 5 or 6 years old.

Make it clear that they should not go past the second gear as you lead them into it. As a result, their bike will be subject to strict limitations. You can choose not to demonstrate how to shift into third gear for your own peace of mind.

Additionally, falling is less fatal when driving in second gear. When learning to ride a dirt bike, kids will inevitably fall a lot. To further ensure their safety, include a throttle limiter.

Owning a dirt bike with a high top speed entails its own set of dangers. Amateur riders at times get caught up in what is called “Whiskey throttle”. It happens when a rider eases off the gas and freezes up out of fear at the high speed.

Sometimes a child will ride a bike at a high speed and hit an object or fall because they don’t realize they need to release the throttle to slow down.

Choose an easy-to-use throttle limiter like the Yamaha TTR50, where the bolt protrudes under the throttle, when making your purchase.

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What is An Acceptable Speed for Kids to Ride?

Any speed is unacceptable if your children are not fully protected. Read my post about the top kids’ dirt bike safety gear that is also affordable.

As was previously mentioned, dirt bikes are capable of reaching high speeds, but my kids have never once reached the top speed on their bikes. My 6-year-old 50cc rider and I like to ride all the time in second gear. Even using third gear is beyond his comprehension. His speed is firmly constrained by this. Even in second gear, he hardly ever uses his full throttle.

If the child shifts into a higher gear, there is a risk of having a bike that can travel at a high speed. New riders sometimes fall victim to what we call “Whiskey throttle.” You do this by easing off the gas, which causes you to freeze up as a result of being alarmed by the speed. Sometimes the child doesn’t realize that they need to release the accelerator to slow down, so they continue to drive at full speed until they collide with something and fall. Keep your child in second gear or adjust the bike’s throttle limiter to address that, as it is obviously extremely dangerous.

On a dirt bike, the throttle limiter is set by simply screwing in the bolt that protrudes under the throttle; this prevents you from turning the throttle as far open (at least on a Yamaha TTR50).

How Fast Does a 50cc Dirt Bike Go All You Want to Know
How Fast Does a 50cc Dirt Bike Go? All You Want to Know

Can You Limit the Speed on a 50cc Dirt Bike?

Consider dirt bike models with a low top speed, like the Yamaha PW50, if you’re worried about how fast the bike will go when your child is riding it.

However, if the child is a little older and more daring, you could buy a dirt bike with a throttle limiter and kill switch for safety.

Following, let’s examine how each of these features functions.

Throttle Limiter

By decreasing the throttle turning radius, a throttle limiter feature limits the amount of power above a certain speed. The speed limiter keeps riders at a safe speed as they gain proficiency and confidence on their dirt bikes.

Additionally, it aids in the 2-stroke dirt bike’s power delivery being more linear, which makes it simple for the young rider to accelerate smoothly over uneven terrain. Throttle limiters are standard on most 50cc trail bikes while they are available as an accessory on some motocross bikes.

Your mini dirt bike’s throttle grip is where you’ll find the throttle limiter. You start by unscrewing the two bolts on the limiter cover and taking off the throttle grip cover in order to adjust the speed limit.

Then you will notice three smaller screw holes, the first of which has a screw in it. To reduce the throttle’s turning angle and lower the top speed limit, move to the final hole.

After adjusting, tighten the two bolts to replace the throttle grip cover. You’ll see that the throttle now makes a half turn as opposed to opening wide like it did previously.

Compared to trying to supervise your child to keep their dirt bike in low gear, it is a remarkably easy way to control how fast they ride. Additionally, you can adjust it again with equal ease once they gain more riding experience.

Kill Switch

Similar to the throttle limiter, the kill switch is an uncommon component of 50cc dirt bikes. However, you can find them on large-capacity dirt bikes, and as an extra safety measure, you can install one on your child’s dirt bike.

In an emergency, the kill switch assists in quickly shutting down the motorcycle engine. Because it’s located on the dirt bike’s handlebars, it operates in the same way as the ignition key but is easier to get to.

On the other hand, a flat battery could be caused by failing to turn off the ignition when the dirt bike is parked or turning on the kill switch while the ignition is on. A kill switch on your child’s dirt bike has the benefit of giving them a quick stop option in case they lose control of the vehicle.

While the motorcycle is moving, the rider can cut the power to the engine by pressing the kill switch, which causes the dirt bike to lose momentum until it comes to a stop.

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Is Dirt Biking a Safe Sport for Children?

Nothing in life is completely risk-free. The allure of dirt biking is that it will get your kids outside and teach them many practical skills. A healthy and enjoyable childhood is something that we all want for our kids, and dirt biking is one way to achieve that.

Though you should take extra precautions to shield them as much as you can, expect a sprained ankle and a broken bone.

How to make riding a dirt bike safe then becomes the question. It is appropriate to let children older than six years old participate in the thrilling sport of dirt biking.

In order to ensure that your children are always riding on safe vehicles, keep the dirt bikes clean and well-maintained.

Additionally, trail riding needs to be always under supervision. More safety tips you can include are:

  • Throughout every session, all kids should wear safety equipment like helmets. In order to lead by example, you ought to have the same tools.
  • Encourage your kids to utilize the dirt bike-specific off-roads and trails. Jumps should be avoided because they can be difficult for kids.
  • Start out with a two-wheeled vehicle. Although statistics show the opposite, it is a common misconception that four-wheelers are safer.
  • Set a speed limit and install a throttle limiter.
  • Children riding dirt bikes need to be watched carefully.

These guidelines will make it easier for you to keep them secure and reduce your anxiety while they are on the tracks. There is no reason why dirt biking cannot be a family activity.

How Much Maintenance Will a 50cc Dirt Bike Require?

A 50cc dirt bike from a reputable manufacturer with good maintenance can last up to 15 years. Overall, the bike is dependable and easy to operate. You can take the following maintenance actions:

  • Give it gas to eat
  • At least once a year, the dirt bike’s oil should be changed.
  • Get the filter and maintain it on a regular basis.
  • Remove the bike’s starter battery each season, and charge it over the winter. If you don’t succeed in doing this, you’ll have to buy a new battery to start the following season.
  • As a result of their much thinner tires compared to other bikes, 50cc bikes are more prone to flats.

How to Design 50cc Dirt Bike to Go Faster?

You can implement some modifications to make 50cc dirt bike go faster with the steps below:

  • Get the muffler and exhaust pipe back and clean them. The exhauster can be cleaned with a cleaning rug, and carbon byproduct can be removed from the muffler by shaking it. Airflow, which is essential for effective motor function, was cut off by the accumulation of residual carbons in these components.
  • With the socket or impact wrench, remove the revolution limiter. It is a good idea to consult the manual as the exact location depends on the brand and model. To prolong the engine’s life, the limiter makes sure that the bike’s engine doesn’t run above a certain speed. Speed is capped at 30 mph on 50cc dirt bikes by a limiter.
  • Replace the oil in your motorcycle with 100% synthetic motor oil. The oil performs cooling and lubrication functions better than frequently used oils. When riding a 50cc motorcycle faster than its top speed, an effective cooling system is crucial for both safety and performance.
  • Choose higher-octane gasoline. Higher octane gasoline improves a bike’s performance, but the ideal octane for any particular dirt bike model typically depends on the model and make. You can experiment with various types to determine which ones you like the most.
  • V-notch spark plugs should be used instead of the stock ones. The speeds of your bike will increase thanks to the earlier type of plugs’ quicker spark.
  • Make a few small, exact holes in the bike’s air intake box. The airflow in the system will be increased as a result of this action. If combined with the previous steps, this can further enhance performance.
  • Any additional lines and hoses that may have accumulated debris should be cleaned. Verify that the bike is functioning properly and that all the parts are properly assembled.

While increasing the speed of your dirt bike can be entertaining, there are some rules you should follow.

The safety of 50cc dirt bike modifications cannot be guaranteed to be 100%. Along with thorough research on your specific model and brand, any configurations must be applied with caution.

Before you ride, try to double-check your parts to make sure they are in working order. Most manufacturer warranties are voided if you modify your dirt bike.

In the event that a dirt bike is modified, it may become a small motorcycle and call for a license. For any specifications you might need to be aware of, check with the DMV.

Essential Safety Gear

When riders are secure, they can unwind. To get your kid to this point, make the appropriate equipment investments. Use this list as your list of things to buy:

  • Dirt bike helmet
  • Riding goggles
  • Chest protector with shoulder protection
  • Protecting the neck
  • Riding pants and jersey
  • Elbow pads
  • Knee pads
  • Gloves
  • Dirt bike riding boots

There are many items on this list, but it’s not overly long. Think of this safety equipment as a complete set of defense in case your child falls off his or her bike.

Which is Better for Kids: a New Or Used Dirt Bike?

If your child begins riding a dirt bike at age five or six, you’ll probably go through a number of bikes before they reach adolescence.

To ensure their safety, kids should ride bikes that are suitable for their size. As children grow older and bigger, they must switch bikes.

The most affordable sport is not riding a dirt bike. It need not be expensive to participate in the sport, though. There are several advantages to buying a new bike.

The item will be covered by a warranty, and maintenance is frequently done within the first six months of ownership.

The bike will be in good condition, and if your child outgrows it, you can easily sell it for a decent price.

If you’re on a tight budget, look for a used dirt bike to get your kids started. If you believe that your children’s interest in the sport will only last a short while, perhaps you won’t feel the need to spend a lot of money on it.

You can ask around for recommendations for a favorite model because dirt bike communities can occasionally be small and close-knit. It may be necessary to upgrade certain parts or modify a used bicycle.

What 50cc Dirt Bike Should You Buy for Your Kid?

The good news is that I’ve written a thorough breakdown of the top 50cc kids’ dirt bikes right here. You don’t want to read it, are you? The short of it is that for the majority of kids who are new to dirt bikes, I suggest the Honda CRF50 as the best 50cc dirt bike. Although they are very expensive—twice as expensive—if your child is more advanced and plans to race, something like a KTM might be a good option for you. Although the Honda offers both electric and kick start, I preferred it over the Yamaha TTR50 because it offers both.


Is a 50cc Dirt Bike Good for a 14-year-old?

Yes, a bike with a motor displacement of 250 cc or less would be ideal for your child if they are between the weights of 150 and 250 pounds.

Without a doubt, a larger 14-year-old would do better with a 250cc to 450cc bike.

How Fast Does a 70cc Dirt Bike Go?

A 70cc dirt bike is capable of speeds of over 30 mph.

How Fast Does a 75cc Dirt Bike Go?

A 75cc dirt bike has a top speed of 50–60 mph.


The average speed range of a 50cc dirt bike is between 25mph and 40mph, which some parents feel may be too fast for their children. This should allay your worries about how fast a 50cc dirt bike goes. However, we’ve offered some suggestions on how you can lower the speed limit to make it easier for your child to handle the bike until they gain more experience.

If you are still uneasy, you can have your child learn to ride a bike on an electric bike since they move at a much slower rate (15 miles per hour) and are therefore less dangerous for kids than bikes that use gas. Additionally, by equipping your children with safety gear, you can ensure that they ride safely and reduce the severity of any injuries that may result from an accident.

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