What Is Cubic Capacity (CC) In Bike All You Want To Know

What Is Cubic Capacity (CC) In Bike? All You Want To Know

To begin with, what is Cubic Capacity (CC) in bike?

Cubic Capacity (CC) in bikes stands for the cubic centimeters capacity of the combustion cylinder, which is an integral part of the engine whose prominent role is to supply the power to the driver.

A bike’s cylinder size, which can ingest more air and fuel, will be larger if it has a higher cubic centimeter rating. More fuel will be burned during each stroke as a result of this natural process, which will ultimately result in more power and torque being produced. Following the procedure, the engine completes one cycle after the total combined cylinder capacity, also known as engine capacity.

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What Is Cubic Capacity (CC) In Bike? 

Cubic capacity or The CC of the bike represents the engine’s output of power. The engine’s chamber volume is measured in cubic capacity for motorcycles. The more capacity a machine has, the more fuel and air can be compressed to create more power. Higher power output is achieved by compressing the air and fuel mixture more tightly.

A sports cruiser’s engine can be as large as 1800 CC, but different bikes have engines with capacities ranging from 50 to 1800 CC. Understanding how much output the engine can produce in terms of torque, horsepower, and mileage depends on its cubic capacity. Additionally, it affects how much a bike will cost to insure.

How Does CCs Performance Depend On Engine Capacity?

With the aid of engine capacity, a number of engine outputs, including power, torque, and mileage, are calculated. The cylinder will have more room if the engine is mounted higher. The volume of the air inside the fuel and the air outside the fuel are always proportional. As more fuel burns inside the tank, the power output will rise. Alternately, we could assert that production is inversely correlated with fuel consumption and engine power, with the latter factor also causing a reduction in mileage. For instance, there are a number of Bajaj 100 CC bikes with large engines that can support a little bit more CCs. See more about What Is A Pit Bike?

Does More CC Equal More Speed?

Although it frequently aids, a motorcycle’s engine size is not directly related to its speed.

Horsepower divided by weight yields the power to weight ratio, which is the main determinant of a bike’s top speed.

In general, the lighter a bike is, the less power is needed to propel it through the air. Other factors include aerodynamics, maximum revs per minute, and number of cylinders.

Sports bike designers are constantly searching for the sweet spot because the larger the engine’s capacity, the heavier it is.

I travel on a Triumph Bobber with a 1200 cc engine that can reach 115 mph. Although it only has a 660 cc engine, the Triumph Trident 660 can reach a top speed of 135 mph. The Trident weighs 189 kg and has three cylinders (higher revs), whereas the Bobber weighs 251 kg and has only two cylinders.

What Is Cubic Capacity (CC) In Bike All You Want To Know
What Is Cubic Capacity (CC) In Bike? All You Want To Know

What Is A Good CC For A Beginner?

Depending on where you live, the answer to this question may not even matter because your government may already have decided on your behalf.

Uk Motorcycle Laws

Once you turn 16 years old, you are only allowed to drive a 49cc moped with a 28 mph speed limit in the UK and mainland Europe. The A1 license, which entitles you to ride a motorcycle with a 125cc engine displacing no more than 14.75 bhp, can be upgraded once you turn 17 years old.

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Once you turn 19, you can upgrade to the A2 license, which allows you to ride any CC bike as long as its maximum power output is 47 bhp.

Check out our collection of motorcycles that are suitable for beginners.

You can finally ride any damn bike you want at the grand old age of 21 if you have passed all of the necessary motorcycle tests and have held your A2 license for the entire 2 years.

As a 16 to 20-year-old growing up in the UK or Europe, you most likely don’t like the restrictions mentioned above, but since they were implemented, they have unquestionably saved lives.

The plan is for you to gradually progress to larger and more powerful bikes so that by the time you turn 21, you should have the knowledge and experience necessary to handle something from the more advanced category of naked bikes.

USA Motorcycle Laws

As far as I’m aware, there are no restrictions on CC bikes in the USA provided you are over 18, have motorcycle insurance, and a valid license. As such, the choice of which motorcycle you want to purchase is entirely up to you. If you are under 18, the majority of states demand that you have a motorcycle permit.

You must pass a supervised road test in order to obtain a motorcycle license. To make sure you comprehend the traffic laws, if you don’t have a driver’s license you might be asked to take a written test before the road test. The best option is to enroll in a recognized training program.

Why doesn’t America restrict motorcycles for novice riders? They apparently don’t want to fall into the same trap as most governments on this side of the pond, which is the nanny state.

You are trusted to buy a bike based on your experience, but expecting an 18-year-old to act “sensibly” when entering the showroom is a lot to ask!

Choose Your First Big Motorcycle

So, which CC would be best for a beginner rider? That depends on the style of motorcycle you want to purchase, but whichever one you choose, it should be something you feel comfortable riding and handling.

As you’ve already read, the CC of a motorcycle’s engine isn’t always a good indicator of how fast or powerful the bike will go. Though the heavier the engine, the larger the CC, the more weight it adds to the motorcycle—unless it’s a high-end sport bike.

Heavy bikes are difficult for beginners to control at low speeds, unless they are American cruisers or Bobber bikes.

If you’re on a tight budget, the affable Suzuki Boulevard S40 or the used Honda Shadow 750 are both great options for your first cruiser bike.

If you have your heart set on something sportier, start with a mid-range vehicle like the Kawasaki Z400 or the Honda Cb300 R and work your way up to a super sport. Wait until you’ve gained some experience before buying a track weapon liter bike.


Energy can only be transformed, not created or destroyed, according to the fundamental study of physics. The motorcycle’s spark plug ignites the engine, converting the fuel’s potential energy into heat energy. Linear motion, which is a form of physical strength, is produced by the heat energy and pressure that are generated in the engine. Then, the crankshaft is used to transform this linear motion, which rotates at a high speed, into rotational motion. This force is then sent to the clutch and gearbox, which further moderate it and send it to the rear wheel. Practically, a 1500 CC bike will have more power than a 100 CC bike. On the other hand, a 500 CC short stroke can produce more power than an 800 CC long stroke.

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