How to Get Bike Grease Out of Clothes Top Effective Methods

How to Get Bike Grease Out of Clothes? Top Effective Methods

Generally, there are several effective methods that help you to get bike grease out of clothes, such as dishwashing liquid, biological laundry detergent, baking soda, shampoo or bar soap, spot remover and hot water

If you’re anything like me, you rarely commute by bike on days when your khaki pants, white shirt, etc. don’t get a small amount of road grime or bike grease on them.

While difficult to remove, grease is not impossible.

Without settling for a grease spot for the next 20 wash cycles, you can definitely save your threads.

The following techniques use a wide range of toxic materials. I’ll say upfront that grease-busting dishwashing liquid has worked for me, as has “Shout” brand prewash junk. You don’t want to risk getting a new stain or coloration on your clothes by letting anything sit on the grease for an extended period of time (this is experience speaking). Onward.

How to Get Bike Grease Out of Clothes

Dishwashing Liquid

Of course, when you are confronted with bike grease on your clothes, your basic instinct will tell you to wash it off. Dishwashing liquid is the stain-removing agent that is used the most frequently. To do so, you can follow the steps below:

  • Apply the liquid on the stained area of the clothes –get a tiny drop of dishwashing liquid and put it on the part where you see visible grease and stains. Allow the substance to soak into your clothing for a few minutes. The grease and dirt on your clothes can be removed with the help of dishwashing liquid.
  • Brush it off –once you have already applied the fluid, you can use an old toothbrush to brush the stain off. Every time the brush touches the stain, you’ll see that it gradually fades. Keep going until your clothes are completely free of any stains.
  • Rinse the stain with cold water– now you can rinse your clothes and ensure that no dishwashing liquid is left behind. Simply place the fabric in cold water until there are no bubbles left. To make sure that no residue is left on the fabric, you can also rub the clothing.

Biological Laundry Detergent

Laundry detergent is the best substance to use when removing bike grease and stains from synthetic fabric. Without harming your clothes, it will make it easier to remove the stain. To do so, you can use the steps below:

  • Pretreatment the fabric – for an effective stain removal, you need to use a tiny amount of powder onto the clothes. After applying the powder, let it sit for a while. Allowing the fabric to absorb the detergent will make it simpler to remove the stain.

then until you see the stain fading, you can wash your clothing in tap water.

  • Rinse and let the fabric dry– to remove the detergent or substance, use running water to rinse it off. To make sure that there is no residue left after washing, you can rub the clothing. You can then allow the clothes to air dry.

Baking Soda

The most delicate fabrics (such as silk and wool) respond best to this method of removing bicycle grease.

  1. A little baking soda should be applied directly to the stain.
  2. For 6 to 8 hours, let the baking soda remain on the clothing. The clothing item’s grease and oil will be removed by the baking soda.
  3. Once the baking soda has been removed, the clothing should be mostly free of bike grease.
  4. Follow the label’s instructions for washing the item of clothing. You can hand wash delicate clothing or wash it in your washing machine’s delicate cycle.
  5. To check if the stain has been eliminated, let the item of clothing air dry.

Shampoo Or Bar Soap

Step 1: Cover the grease spot with shampoo/bar soap -The grease stain should be treated with shampoo, then left to dry. Shampoo ought to be effective at removing grease stains as well since it is made to get rid of body oils. You can also use any bar soap for your body or hands. For more difficult grease stains, use laundry soap.

Rub the bar soap on the stain until it begins to foam, then dampen the garment with water or ammonia. The bar soap can also be grated, and the resulting powder can be applied to the wet grease stain. Shampoo and laundry bar soap both contain a unique ingredient that combats grease.

Use an old toothbrush to scrub the grease mark rather than rubbing it with your hand if you are dealing with difficult stains.

Step 2: Rinse the garment -Use an old toothbrush to scrub off the grease stain after dipping the stained garment section in a solution of water and vinegar. There are many ways to use vinegar as a natural cleaning agent. Avoid combining vinegar with soaps or detergents as it works to remove the alkalinity in soaps. The ratio of vinegar to water should be 1:2.

Step 3: Wash the garment -Use laundry detergent and follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions when washing the greasy item of clothing. Drying a piece of clothing in a hot mechanical dryer may cause any remaining grease stains to set into the fabric and become permanent. Instead, let the item air dry.

Advice: To get a better outcome, repeat the above procedure if you feel that the grease has not been properly removed.

Spot Remover and Hot Water

Step 1: Spray the grease stain -Apply spot remover to the greased area and scrub the stain with a toothbrush. Boiling water in a pot will help the remover begin to work.

Step 2: Pour hot water on the garment -Place the article of clothing in a bucket, deep tub, or washbasin and cover it with the boiling water. To aid in the dissolution of grease bonds, make sure to pour the water from a high point into the pot. The water will hit the garment with more force the higher it is poured from.

Naturally, you will need to use extra caution when pouring the hot, scalding water. Avoid splashing water at all costs; you don’t want to be burned by scalding water, so a deep container is ideal for this technique.

Step 3: Repeat for all grease stains -The garment should be turned inside out and the hot water should be used once more, just as you did the first time.

Step 4: Wash the garment -Wash your item of clothing with laundry detergent while keeping in mind the washing instructions, then let it air dry.

Vegetable Oil-based Soap

To remove grease stains, use liquid plant-based soap like caster or other mild soaps made from organic vegetable oils.

Use soaps made from organic coconut oil as an alternative. With a soft brush, scrub the greasy area with the vegetable oil-based soap before rinsing the garment in warm water. To give the soap a delicate and energizing scent, stir in a few drops of organic lavender, lemon, or orange.

Lemon and Vinegar

You can use lemon and vinegar as excellent natural alternatives. They are both acidic, which helps to break the bonds between the grease and lighten the stain. To increase the soap’s ability to remove grease, combine it in an equal ratio with vinegar or lemon juice.


Another organic substance with properties akin to baking soda is borax. It is stronger and more corrosive than baking soda and dissolves in water. To get rid of your grease stain, mix borax and lemon juice into a paste. In your neighborhood grocery or laundry store, you can frequently find borax.

How to Get Bike Grease Out of Clothes Top Effective Methods
How to Get Bike Grease Out of Clothes? Top Effective Methods

Dish Soap

Dish soap is one of the simplest cleaning agents for bike grease on clothing. Gently rub dish soap into the grease stain after applying it to the area.

After you’ve rubbed it in, give the soap about 10 minutes to absorb and start working on dissolving the grease. Run hot water over the area to remove the grease after ten minutes have elapsed.

At this point, you might need to reapply more dish soap and rub the affected area with a rag or dishwashing brush. If the grease still remains, keep rinsing with water, adding more dish soap, and wiping with a rag.

Keep Your Chain Clean

Keeping your bike chain clean is one of the best ways to avoid having to wash bike grease off of your clothing.

Consider taking preventative action to ensure that you don’t find yourself trying to get bike grease off your pants once more, even though it’s probably too late if you’ve found this article.

Personally, I find the Park Tool Cleaning System to be one of the simplest ways to maintain clean bike chains. It makes cleaning and re-lubricating your bike chain incredibly simple. It is easy to use and well worth the investment.

You can also use a plain rag to clean your bike chain. Grease from the chain, chain rings, and cassette should be removed by applying a bike chain cleaning fluid to the chain and wiping it off with a rag.

You must dry everything with a new rag after the grease has been removed. Apply a lubricant after it has dried to prevent rust and keep the chain operating smoothly.

A clean bike chain will last longer, your bike will shift and function better, and most importantly, if there isn’t any, it’s difficult to get bike grease on your clothes!

Get Bike Grease Off Your Hands

Use of dish soap and a stiff brush is the simplest technique. Use soap to wash your hands, then scrub them thoroughly. Use of degreaser wipes is another choice. They are a quick and easy way to remove grease from your hands before you wash them in the sink.

Degreaser wipes are useful for cleaning your bike and can also be used to remove grease from clothing.

Even though they can’t completely get rid of a stain, they can take care of the majority of the grease until you can thoroughly wash your clothes. Degreaser wipes can be carried on your commute by packing a few in a ziplock bag to keep them fresh and simply keeping them in your pannier in case you ever need them.

Why Do You Need to Apply Grease to Your Bike

Many of us would prefer to avoid all contact with grease. Even though we would like to get rid of it, occasionally our bike needs grease or lubricants. These materials aid your bike in reducing wear-prone areas and sealing moisture and debris from the environment.

Additionally, your bike’s headset, bottom brackets, chain, and axles are important components that need to be greased. Your bike will perform better and be shielded from outside debris with grease.

Your bike’s overall performance can be preserved as a result. Thus, you will frequently deal with grease and lubricants, especially during your routine bike maintenance.

Additionally, it implies that you will frequently have to deal with unneeded and persistent stains on your clothing.

Final Words

You don’t have to live with bike grease stains forever! You should be able to get rid of those unsightly greasy stains without breaking a sweat if you use the right ingredients and removal technique. To combat grease stains on your clothes or carpet, use the above guide as assistance.

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