12 Best Recumbent Bike For Seniors In 2022 Have A Look

12 Best Recumbent Bike For Seniors In 2022: Have A Look

It gets harder and harder to stay active and fit as we age. However, it shouldn’t end there; we should strive to look our best as well.

The quality of your life can actually be significantly improved by finding a great home exercise routine.

Due to their numerous adjustable resistance levels, ease of use, and storage, recumbent bikes are an excellent choice.

What are the best recumbent bikes for seniors?

The best recumbent bike for seniors includes ProForm 325 CSX, MARCY ME-709, EXERPEUTIC 900XL, and NAUTILUS R616…

For more information, keep reading.

Best Recumbent Bike For Seniors

ProForm 325 CSX

ProForm 325 CSX
ProForm 325 CSX

​​​​This recumbent exercise bike offers a total of 20 different tension settings, placing it firmly at the top of the heap for this category of exercise gear. Without having to worry about not being able to find the ideal resistance, you can choose how difficult it is to pedal the bike.

There are many settings that are more relaxed, which are ideal for senior citizens. Additionally, there are a ton of heavier settings available, which are excellent for senior citizens who want to work out more vigorously.

​There are 22 pre-loaded workout programs available in two categories: Tempo and Interval. When compared to interval workouts, which alternate more intense exercises, tempo workouts are performed at a quick pace with no breaks. One of the best features is the option to use a heart rate chest strap instead of just handlebar sensors.

These exercises can be chosen using the simple console, which also has a fan and sound system. The bike will also allow you to connect it to any Bluetooth-enabled devices.

​​​​Seniors who weigh up to 300 pounds can use this recumbent bike with no issues. It has a wide seat with soft, long-lasting padding, which is a truly unique feature. Unfortunately, the backrest is not height adjustable, whereas the seat is.

The ProForm cost about $400 at the time of our review. With this cost, it falls into the mid-range price range. You won’t regret buying all the extra features that come with this exercise bike if you have a little extra money to spend on your bike.


  • Padded seat
  • Quiet operation
  • Chest strap compatibility


  • No sensors on seat handlebars
  • Chest strap not included
  • Heavier than other models



The Marcy ME-709 is the ideal recumbent stationary bike that won’t break the bank and offers an impressive array of advantages that you would typically only find in more expensive models.

These factors make the ME-709 the most expensive bike on this list.

The standard features of this recumbent bike, which costs $200, are designed to reduce muscular pain.

Due to its spacious, secure, and comfortable design and use of dense steel tubing, this recumbent station bike is a great option for seniors.

It’s easy on your knees and back to mount and dismount thanks to the spacious design.

Weighted paddles that are included with the Marcy exercise bike let you distribute your weight more evenly and control the machine better.

Eight different levels of resistance are available on this stationary bike. By turning the knob, you can modify the resistance level.

If you want to be challenged at different levels of intensity, the eight resistance levels might not be ideal for you.

The Marcy ME-709 also features padded seating and an easy-to-read computer screen that shows the time, distance, and speed traveled as well as the number of calories burned.

It’s important to note that this bike lacks any shelves for storing personal items, like a cell phone.

The Marcy ME-709 is best characterized as being inexpensive, straightforward, and adequate for enhancing cardiovascular health.

Beginners, those who experience muscular pain, and elderly individuals who are overweight are all encouraged to try it.

If you struggle with sore joints and muscles, be sure to read up on “Is a recumbent bike non-weight bearing?”


  • Affordable price
  • Spacious design that makes mounting and dismounting easy on one’s back and knees
  • Firmly padded seating
  • Excellent feedback screen
  • The resistance levels can be easily adjusted


  • Maximum of 8 resistance levels
  • No available shelves for personal devices



With a price of $200, the Exerpeutic 900XL is one of the exercise bikes that is most affordable.

In addition to providing excellent cardiovascular exercise, this bike also relieves stress on your joints and lower back.

It is also an ideal recumbent bike for a tall person as it can assist a user height up to 6’6″.

The Exerpeutic 900XL is low to the ground, making it simpler for elderly people to get on and off of it.

This is a good recumbent bike for seniors as it comes with a “Magnetic Tension Control System”. With the magnetic resistance, the workout can be more intense.

It is worth noting that you might find it hard to push the pedals if you are unsure about the “Tension Control System”.

You can keep an eye on a number of workout-related statistics on the user-friendly screen, including your speed, heart rate, and calorie burn.

The Exerpeutic 900XL has the additional benefit of allowing you to check your pulse thanks to its hand pulse sensors. In the event that your doctor advises you to maintain a particular heart rate, this is very helpful.

Given its weight and immobility, this stationary bicycle requires a roomy setting.

Because it offers excellent value for the money, the Exerpeutic 900XL is a fantastic recumbent exercise bike for seniors.

This stationary bike is an excellent choice for you if you’re looking for a bike that is simple to mount and ride.


  • The bike is low which makes it easy for an elder person to mount and dismount it
  • It has a good “Magnetic Tension Control System”
  • The screen is very user-friendly
  • Gives you access to your pulse
  • An ideal recumbent bike for big and tall users


  • The magnetic resistance levels might be quite difficult for you if you do not know how to work out with the “Magnetic Tension Control System”.
  • Can be space-consuming



For older adults who are more tech savvy, the Nautilus R616 stationary bike is ideal.

Priced at $450, this plush, cozy recumbent bike comes with a lot of advantages, like customizable workouts.

For heavier people, the sturdy, well-built design of the Nautilus R616 recumbent bike is ideal.

It’s important to note that the 300-pound weight restriction applies to this recumbent bike.

With 29 built-in workout programs and 25 resistance levels, this stationary bike gives you the option to personalize your workout.

A senior of any fitness level and weight can find a workout regimen that is ideal for them thanks to the wide selection.

Numerous fitness and health apps allow you to set up and track your progress.

The Bluetooth connectivity, input ports, and built-in cooling fan of the R616 are additional technical bonuses.

For seniors with a more technical mindset, the Nautilus R616 is a high-end option.

Undoubtedly, this is among the top recumbent bikes for seniors.


  • A great recumbent exercise bike for a heavy person
  • 29 workout programs and 25 levels of resistance
  • Added bonus of Bluetooth connectivity, input ports, and in-built fan
  • You can track your progress through various apps


  • Quite expensive
  • Users need to be tech-savvy to make most of the technical bonuses

Xtremepower Us Deluxe Recumbent Fitness Bike

Xtremepower Us Deluxe Recumbent Fitness Bike
Xtremepower Us Deluxe Recumbent Fitness Bike

Here’s another option in the sub-$200 price range. This bike has a high-density foam adjustable seat and back and a whisper-quiet flywheel with magnetic tension adjustment that can support up to 200 pounds. The bike’s small display screen, which is integrated into the handle grips, shows heart rate data. The bike’s front transportation wheels make it simple to move even though it is sturdy.


  • Comfortable seat
  • Compact
  • Easy to move


  • Only bears 200 pounds
  • Small display screen
  • Wobbles while riding

Schwinn My20

Schwinn My20
Schwinn My20

Few recumbent bikes have as many features as this one, which has 13 different workouts and 16 levels of resistance, making it one of the best for seniors. If you choose to use Schwinn’s Explore the World feature, which offers more than 50 routes around the globe that adapt to your speed, you’ll receive even more benefits. The bike can also be used with the Zwift subscription service, which offers 80 virtual routes and 1,000 structured workouts. With a thickly padded contoured seat and a vented back to keep you cool, the bike is comfortable. Additionally, the handgrips have a heart-rate telemeter. This affordable recumbent bike is a great option for people of all fitness levels.


  • Step-through design
  • Huge variety of routes
  • Comfortable seat


  • There are reports the console can be buggy
  • The heart rate monitor doesn’t always work
  • Hard to assemble

Circuit Fitness

Circuit Fitness
Circuit Fitness

If you want the best recumbent bike for seniors at a reasonable price, this model is an additional solid option. This tough bike, which is made of high-grade steel, features a step-through frame and padded back and seat that can be adjusted. Quiet magnetic tension is used to provide resistance. A water bottle holder, an AUX sound input, and a USB port are a few of the thoughtful extras. The LCD lets you keep an eye on your heart rate, speed, distance, time, and calories burned. 15 inborn programs can simulate biking on various terrains. The bike is comfortable, sturdy, and according to buyers, easy to assemble.


  • Quiet ride
  • Convenient holders
  • Step-through design


  • Some reports of buggy software
  • Some reports of an inaccurate heart rate monitor
  • Not that sturdy

Xterra Fitness FB350 Folding Exercise Bike

Xterra Fitness FB350 Folding Exercise Bike
Xterra Fitness FB350 Folding Exercise Bike

Check out this model from Xterra Fitness if you’re looking for a sturdy, foldable recumbent bike. A tension knob controls eight levels of magnetic resistance. Additionally, the FB350 has a remote or phone accessory holder. The seat and backrest are softly padded, and the frame is made of a sturdy alloy of steel. The bike’s LCD displays information on time, speed, distance traveled, calories burned, and heart rate as determined by pulse sensors mounted on the handlebars.


  • Easy assembly
  • Quiet ride
  • Foldable


  • Very small LCD
  • Low weight limit (225 pounds)
  • Some issues with tension control reported

Dispank 3-in-1 Folding

Dispank 3-in-1 Folding
Dispank 3-in-1 Folding

When looking for the best recumbent bike for seniors, this folding model should be considered. For three different seating positions—upright, semi-recumbent, and fully recumbent—it is designed to allow users to adjust the bike. Weighing only 42 pounds, the bike is easy to move around, yet it is sturdy and folds down to a compact 16″ x 9″ x 53″. The arm resistance bands on this model are another feature that makes it possible to add an upper body workout while spinning and further your fitness objectives. A padded backrest, 10 levels of magnetic resistance, 7 levels of seat height, an LCD monitor, straps to prevent pedal slippage, and a place to put your phone or tablet are additional features.


  • Quiet ride
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to assemble


  • Difficult to mount
  • Some users report clicking noises
  • Some reports that the LCD monitor is buggy

Leikefitness Ultra-quiet Leike X Bike

Leikefitness Ultra-quiet Leike X Bike
Leikefitness Ultra-quiet Leike X Bike

This bike’s adjustments allow it to be used both upright and recumbently. The magnetic tension resistance has a maximum of ten levels, and the seat can be adjusted into seven different positions. The bike is incredibly quiet, and you can monitor your heart rate as well as distance, speed, time, and calories burned on the back-lit LCD. The bike’s quietness, durability, and wide, comfortable seat are highly praised by buyers. The bike can be folded for storage even though it has a small footprint.


  • Quiet
  • Comfortable seat
  • Easy to move


  • Some reports of a buggy display
  • Not designed for tall people
  • Some users mention clicking noises while pedaling

Nautilus R614

Nautilus R614
Nautilus R614

​​You can adjust the intensity of your workout to a level that feels comfortable for you thanks to the 20 different magnetic resistance levels available. Additionally, you won’t have to restrict anyone else who wants to use the bike based on their preferences.

Regardless of the resistance level you’ve chosen, getting started with your workout is made simpler by the Nautilus’ high-speed and high-inertia drive system.

​​For days when you want to change things up, this recumbent exercise bike offers 22 different workout programs. These workout programs included nine profile workouts, eight heart rate control workouts, two customizable workouts, two fitness tests, and one quick start program.

Goal Track, another feature of the bike, lets you keep track of all of your workouts and monitor your progress over time. If you’re trying to reach a certain weight, this is very helpful.

​​The Nautilus R614 can support weights up to 300 pounds, just like the majority of other recumbent bikes for seniors. Unfortunately, there is no padding on the seat or backrest, but they are well ventilated by design. You can easily add a cushion to the seat, but be aware that they can more readily absorb and hold onto sweat.

It’s also very helpful if you are shorter or taller than the average person because the seat and console can both be adjusted to fit your height.

You might anticipate that this exercise bike would be very pricey given its additional features, which include Bluetooth connectivity, a media shelf/tray, and a USB charging port. Fortunately, it is reasonably priced, falling into the mid-range range. The Nautilus was priced at around $399 at the time of our review.


  • Helpful goal tracking feature
  • Lots of programs and tension levels
  • Easy-to-use control panel


  • LCD isn’t backlit
  • Seat isn’t padded
  • Foot straps don’t work with big feet

Schwinn 230

Schwinn 230
Schwinn 230

​​​The Schwinn 230 has 20 different resistance settings. This is still a lot more than many bikes on the market, even though it is not as much as the 270’s more feature-rich model. You can choose exactly how challenging you want to work out with this many levels.

Some users may be disappointed to learn that the 230 doesn’t have a very heavy flywheel. It offers sufficient resistance for a good cardio workout, but the 270 might be a better option if you want something more challenging.

​Use one of the 22 workout programs on this bike if you don’t want to customize every aspect of your workout. From the control panel, select one of two fitness tests, two heart rate control programs, nine profile workouts, or any combination of those.

You can set and monitor goals on this exercise bike, just like many other recumbent bikes on our list. Even better tracking of your workouts is possible thanks to the console’s USB port, which you can use with a USB drive.

​​​Weights up to 300 pounds are no problem for the Schwinn 230. Taller people might find it more challenging to find a setting that works for them even though the seats are somewhat adjustable. You might want to think about adding a cushion if you plan to use the bike for prolonged periods of time because we found the seat to be a little more uncomfortable than those on other recumbent bikes.

The Schwinn 230 is in the mid-range price range at $429 as of the time of our review. Even though it is more expensive than other bikes, it has many features that are not available in less expensive models. We believe the price is very reasonable given these added features and the sturdy construction.


  • USB port
  • Built-in sound system
  • Lots of workout options


  • Seat may be uncomfortable to some
  • Not great for taller people
  • Lighter flywheel

What Are Recumbent Bikes?

Both stationary and outdoor models of the recumbent bicycle are available. These bikes are named after the “recumbent position,” a sitting position that lifts the legs while the user leans on a backrest.

Recumbent bikes have a backrest you can lean against and feet that are in front of you rather than under you, which relieves a lot of the pressure on the hips.

Recumbent bicycles are designed for people who have mobility issues as well as back, knee, or hip problems. Senior citizens frequently experience these issues.

These bikes can be especially useful for seniors because they can focus on riding rather than worrying about balancing on the bike. They do not result in soreness in the hips or lower back after riding and lessen the strain on the knees.

In fact, recumbent bikes are a near-ideal form of exercise for anyone who finds riding a regular bike to be too painful, uncomfortable, or dangerous. Recumbent bikes are excellent for fitness.

See more about Best Downhill Mountain Bike

Why Should You Consider A Recumbent Bike?

Besides the health benefits of spinning, consider these other benefits:

  • Safety: Riding indoors is significantly safer than outside. You won’t have to deal with gravel, uneven pavement, or other cyclists blocking the bike lane. Additionally, a helmet and other accessories like tools, lights, air pressure devices, reflectors, and others are not required.
  • If you have balance issues or vertigo, a stationary bike can be your go-to workout.
  • Nothing compares to the camaraderie of a group cycling class, whether it be in person or through one of the many streaming options.
  • Regular cardio exercise has been shown to lower stress, lessen depression, and improve mental health.
  • Weight Loss. Put on the “COVID 15” during quarantine? Bike riding while stationary is a fantastic way to promote weight loss. Between 400 and 600 calories are expended per session.
  • Spinning is gentle on the joints, especially the knees, elbows, and tendons, all of which are common trouble spots for older people.
  • Using a recumbent bike helps you gain strength and endurance, two qualities that are essential for leading a more comfortable life.
  • All Users Can Adjust the Flywheel Tension: If you’re a beginner, you can change the flywheel tension to suit your level of fitness. You don’t have to act like you’re a Tour de France rider.

Why Are Recumbent Bikes Beneficial For Older People?

Seniors who have back issues, in particular, benefit greatly from using a recumbent bike. Less soreness and a quicker recovery are the results of relieving pressure on the spine, including the neck. Larger seniors benefit greatly from recumbent bikes, which can typically support weights of up to 300 pounds; in some cases, even more.

Look at the features when choosing the best recumbent bike for seniors. Some models come with touch screens, LCDs, Bluetooth heart rate monitors, and some offer magnetic resistance rather than dialing in a tension knob. Others include rotating arm pieces that let the cyclist work their upper body while they spin. Step-through designs are available on the best recumbent bikes for seniors, making it simpler for them to get on and off the machine. On a recumbent bike, you’ll find what you need whether you’re looking for a challenging high-intensity workout or a reliable low-impact workout.

The Benefits Of Riding A Recumbent Bike

Recumbent bikes have a lot to offer seniors of all socioeconomic backgrounds aside from their simplicity of use. Look at it more closely.

They’re A Great Way To Exercise

Age-appropriate exercise for seniors is made possible by recumbent bicycles. If you ride for an hour, you’ll burn about 300 calories (or more if you’re heavier than average), which will help your senior manage their weight and maintain their fitness. Cycling lowers the risk of heart disease and stroke because it is healthy for the heart and lungs.

They’re Much Safer

Safety is crucial, particularly for seniors. Recumbent bikes don’t require balance, so there’s a lot less chance of your senior falling off one.

Additionally, because recumbent bikes are lower to the ground, your senior is less likely to sustain serious injuries in an accident.

Help With Balance Issues

Even on a stationary regular bike, people with balance issues or people who have any type of joint-related medical condition may find it difficult to maintain their balance. There is no need to balance when sitting on a recumbent bike; it is just like sitting in a chair.

Don’t Affect Your Muscles And Tissues

Although walking and jogging are great exercises, they can eventually wear down the cartilage and tissue in your knees and ankles. As you get older, these activities get more difficult, especially if you’ve had a lot of knee or ankle problems in the past.

Cycling is much safer for your joints than walking or running because it has such low impact and simultaneously strengthens the muscles that support your joints.

Help Relieve Pressure On Your Body

Sitting on a bicycle seat causes your hips and tailbone to bear your entire body weight. Long-term soreness and tightness in your hips and lower back may result from all that stress.

When you ride a recumbent bike, your posture is more relaxed and your body weight is evenly distributed across your back and hips, reducing the likelihood of any one area of your body experiencing strain.

Choose The Best Recumbent Bike For Seniors

You should consider the seat style, size, stability, feedback screens, and portability when choosing a good recumbent bike for seniors. Below, we go into greater detail regarding each quality.

Seat Design

They typically feature a wide variety of various adjustable seat styles when choosing the best recumbent bikes for seniors.

In the end, you have to choose between ergonomics and comfort. The seats on smaller bikes are less padded and adjustable, while the seats on larger bikes are more padded and made of high density foam that has a little more flexibility and support.

Consider how long you anticipate sitting in the seat as well as how much comfort and support you’ll require when looking for the best bike seat.


When comparing the top recumbent bikes for your home, size really does matter.

You should think about how much room you have, which room it will fit in, and whether or not it will need to be moved easily into and out of that space.

Since they are bigger, it makes sense that they are a little more durable and can support heavier users.

In contrast, lighter recumbent bikes are much easier to move while potentially being a little less stable, which brings us to our next point. A larger machine can also offer greater comfort and adjustability during the ride.


If you want to use your bike with any kind of resistance, stability is essential. A comfortable ride quickly turns into a terrifying experience of gripping the handles and hoping you don’t fall over because any wobble you experience on the machine will make you feel much less secure.

On a hard floor or carpet, make sure the senior exercise bike is stable. Check with other users to see if they also felt any trembling as the resistance increased. Heavy duty bikes shouldn’t have a problem with stability.

You should take into account your own sense of balance in addition to the actual stability. This brings up the adjustable seat’s construction once again, as well as whether or not handholds are provided. Make sure the bike provides the support and comfort required for a comfortable and stable ride.

Feedback Screens

Nearly all contemporary recumbent bike designs come with an integrated feedback LCD screen that provides a wealth of information (such as distance, time, speed, and heart rate) and serves as motivation during exercise.

It allows you to monitor your progress and determine whether you should be working harder to reach your daily fitness goals. A great way to determine how much your fitness has improved is to use the approximation of your heart rate.

The Bluetooth connectivity, easily readable display screen, and integrated link to apps on other devices may be a little intimidating for seniors or those of us who aren’t as tech-savvy.

The best recumbent stationary bikes for seniors will enable simple setup of exercise routines and software, quickly allaying any potential concerns.

The best recumbent stationary bikes for seniors will offer simple setup of exercise routines and software that will quickly allay any potential concerns.

Look for reviews describing how useful and user-friendly the bike is for integrating with current apps or devices, as well as how clear and simple the screens themselves are.


Make sure the recumbent bike is simple to move around if your home is a little small or if you anticipate using it less frequently.

Seniors who may have trouble lifting heavier equipment should take this into account even more, especially if you bought the bike to keep in shape rather than compete in weightlifting.

A well-designed recumbent bike will offer a range of different features that make it easier to transport or compact when necessary and search out reviews that mention how easy it is to move from room to room or put away after us

What Makes A Recumbent Bike A Good Investment?

A recumbent bike is something you should buy because it will enable you to exercise more comfortably at home.

It should go without saying that regular exercise is crucial, particularly as we age. Exercise bikes have been shown in studies to be especially beneficial to seniors because they can help with gait and balance, which enhances quality of life.

Since purchasing a recumbent bike requires a sizable financial commitment, you should make sure to choose the best, most durable model that offers you all the functionality you require. Remember to take your needs, health, and the space available in your home into account before making a purchase.

Nothing beats a quick, high-intensity resistance workout on a sliding rail, where each step increases the calories burned on your LCD screen.

No matter your age, that is development.

Although none of the devices on this list were specifically created with seniors in mind, they are all useful devices that anyone can use.

Keep in mind that some exercise bikes offer more features or more adjustability, while others don’t offer the same degree of clear and simple support. The majority of bikes track various parameters, including heart rate, time, speed, and distance.


Better: Exercise Bike Or Recumbent Bike?

When it comes to seniors or people with stiffer legs or back issues, recumbent bikes are preferable to exercise bikes. Even though they take up a little more space, they are simpler to use and are intended to be more stable and supportive.

What Exercise Machine Is Best For Seniors?

The elliptical or recumbent bike is the best exercise equipment for seniors. They offer excellent support and are simple to use, enabling you to exercise longer and harder to maintain your fitness.

Is A Recumbent Bike Good For Your Knees?

A recumbent bike is good for your back and knees. Compared to a standard upright bike, they have a lower impact, and the seat’s excellent posture and spinal support allow for a high-intensity, low-impact workout.

Burning Belly Fat On A Recumbent Bike

Since it is a great piece of exercise gear for calorie burning, a recumbent bike might help you lose belly fat. Watch your diet carefully and up the resistance in your workouts to get a great cardio workout if you want to lose belly fat.


The natural decline in mobility that comes with aging does not preclude your senior from continuing to enjoy their favorite physical activities. A practical and inexpensive solution is provided by recumbent bicycles.

It can be difficult to find a model of recumbent bike that suits your senior’s preferences and needs because they come in so many different sizes and shapes.

With the help of a recumbent bike, you can give your elderly loved one the gift of mobility, exercise, and all the positive effects on their physical and mental health that come with it.

As many recumbent bikes as you can, if at all possible, should be examined and tested so that your senior can decide which one best suits their needs and their comfort level.

Thank you for reading.

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