What Is Bombay Bicycle Club All You Want To Know

What Is Bombay Bicycle Club? All You Want To Know

Bombay Bicycle Club are an Jack Steadman, Jamie MacColl, Suren de Saram, and Ed Nash make up the English indie rock group from Crouch End in London. They have tried their hand at indie rock, folk, electronica, world music, and other genres while playing guitar in front of the group.

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What Is Bombay Bicycle Club?

Originally from Crouch End in London, UK, Bombay Bicycle Club is a four-piece indie rock band. Although the foundation of their sound is primarily comprised of guitars, they have surpassed the limitations of guitar-based rock by incorporating elements of electronica, experimental folk, and world music.

Drummer Suren de Saram, guitarist Jamie MacColl, bassist Ed Nash, and lead singer and multi-instrumentalist Jack Steadman make up the band. Principal songwriter Jack Steadman of the band first collaborated with Jamie MacColl when he was 15 years old, writing and performing as The Canals. The two later performed together in a school assembly with a keyboardist; however, until 2006, their line-up changes seemed to be ongoing. By this time, the band’s lineup was established, and they decided on the name Bombay Bicycle Club, which was inspired by a well-known British chain of Indian restaurants.

The band steadily acquired a fan-base playing frequent gigs around the greater London area and soon after made a breakthrough in their career by winning Virgin Mobile’s “Road to V” competition. After receiving that honor, the band’s fortunes really began to improve. The next year the group received high praise from renowned music journalism publication NME and were offered multiple recording contracts; however they ended up self-releasing their debut EP, “The Boy I Used to Be”. The group recruited Arctic Monkeys and Adele producer Jim Abiss to help them with that release and used him yet again for their follow up “How Are We”. This EP reached the No. 2 on the indie charts.

What Is Bombay Bicycle Club All You Want To Know
What Is Bombay Bicycle Club? All You Want To Know

History Development

After winning a contest, the band was given the opening slot at the 2006 V Festival. They subsequently released two EPs and their debut single “Evening/Morning”. Since then, the band has released five albums including So Long, See You Tomorrow which topped the album charts in February 2014. The group has performed in North America, Australia, Europe, and Asia as the headlining act on international tours.

The four participants declared in January 2016 that they would work on solo projects. In the beginning of 2017, Ed Nash’s debut album, which he had recorded under the stage name “Toothless,” was made available. Mr. Jukes, the stage name of frontman Jack Steadman, released his debut album in 2017.

In January 2019, Bombay Bicycle Club announced their return to making new music and performing live after a three-year hiatus: “We’ve been resuming our musical collaborations since late last year. More than anything else, it felt wonderful to be playing in the same room once more. It made us realise what a good thing we have and has given us renewed energy and enthusiasm for the future”. See more about What Is A Balance Bike?

Live Reviews

  • Despite terrible sound and possibly the most uncomfortable seats ever, the show was enjoyable. The Dave film of Pink Floyd performing Wish you were here and playing lap steel was a highlight. Coherence is difficult for BBC because their wide range of musical influences makes it difficult to transition from dancy pop to full-on alt rock in the vein of Radiohead. To better show off their styles, I’d like to see them control the set. Although Peace were excellent but their set was cut short in support, they still put on a good show that was made even better by the Pink Floyd bonus.
  • Despite the fact that the venue was overcrowded, the music sounded incredible. A little let down by the length of the set and the absence of some significant songs. Although they didn’t have an encore and it seemed like they were in a hurry to finish the performance, the band still gave a fantastic performance and has one of the best live sounding performances I’ve ever heard. The band could have interacted with the audience more.
  • Since I’m not sure how much I enjoy the new album, I had some reservations about attending this concert. However, they were excellent, giving it their all without seeming to be just going through the motions. They were obviously having a good time, which the audience and band both benefited from. From there, things progressed. I would highly recommend seeing them live.
  • Stunningly upbeat set with welcome throwbacks, exquisite harmonies, and orgasmic melodies! I was disappointed not to hear “Flaws,” which is my favorite Bombay album, but I can understand why the style and setup might not have felt right.
  • The BBC was fantastic, with fantastic visual effects and excellent live sound. They played a ton of songsā€”a ton of songs! from the new to the old and back again. They were definitely worth every penny, and I would love to see them again. Never before have I danced as much at a concert. Bbc music ia definitely unique #earcandy
  • This was one of the best performances I’ve ever seen, absolutely amazing. Great set, charismatic crowd, and fantastic energy. Nothing could have been better. Moreover, Liz Lawrence was outstanding, and The Big Moon were also fantastic. Would strongly suggest.
  • It was my second time seeing them at the 9:30 Club, and neither time have I been let down. Concert was fantastic. They performed songs from pretty much every album and the audience was ecstatic the entire time.
    Additionally amazing were the visuals.


From April to November, the Bombay Bicycle Club sponsors a number of rides. Riders select routes that cover distances of 25 to 50 miles or more on beautiful backroads. We typically offer both short and long routes, with our rides being rated as flat, moderately hilly, or hilly. Our social rides on Thursday nights are a great way to meet other club members and learn more about the organization. On some Saturdays, we also provide special women-led no-drop rides.

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