How To Ship A Bike Cheaper A Complete Guide

How To Ship A Bike Cheaper? A Complete Guide

The first time you pack a bike, there are some difficulties. Bikes can be expensive, delicate, and difficult to pack due to their size; it takes preparation to transport them safely. How to ship a bike cheaper? Whether you’re shipping your vehicle in a box or a case, learn how to properly disassemble and prepare it for transportation.

Select Bicke Shipping Option

When it comes to shipping a bike, you have a number of alternatives, including using a standard shipping company or a specialized bike shipping company. Because rates are subject to change, do your homework before choosing.

Think about checking your bike if you’re flying. Always check with your airline for detailed instructions and to see if any additional costs apply. American Airlines and Delta both declared in 2019 that they will stop charging extra for large bags containing bicycles and other sporting goods.

There are numerous container options as well. Bicycle-specific packaging supplies and boxes are offered by shipping companies. Ask around; some bike shops will give away their extra packaging materials and shipping cartons. It might make sense if you frequently commute by bike.

Prepare Your Bike For Shipping With These Essentials

  • a bike crate
  • bicycle tools
  • cushions, such as bubble wrap, foam tubing, or air cushions
  • cord ties
  • surplus cardboard
  • small boxes or zip-top bags for parts and hardware
  • at least 2″ broad packing tape

Take The Bike Apart

  • Front wheel removed.
  • Take the pedals off.
  • Remove the handlebars and any other extras that might make the box bigger, get damaged, or have projecting, sharp edges. Any remaining sharp or pointed portions should be covered or wrapped.
  • Any small parts should be sealed tightly in a bag or small box.
  • Insert the bag or box inside the shipping container for bikes.

Packing The Bike For Shipping

There are various ways to prepare your bike for the trip. Whichever route you take, be sure to use a box specifically made for bikes instead of a standard box for shipping.  There are several ways to obtain a top-notch bike box.

Order one and have it delivered to you from a company like BikeFlights. Due to their extensive experience shipping bikes, they can ensure that you receive the ideal box for your bike. They include it in their list of services.

Purchase a box. 

You can purchase a box online from Amazon or other vendors.  It costs perhaps $10 plus shipping, which is not terribly expensive.

Go to a local bike shop and purchase one. 

The bikes that are on display in the bike shops arrived in bike boxes, which are exactly the right size for shipping bikes.  You might be able to obtain a box if you are close to a nearby bike shop.  They frequently have some available for shipping.

How To Ship A Bike Cheaper A Complete Guide
How To Ship A Bike Cheaper? A Complete Guide

The bike’s disassembly will come next.  

Whether you are shipping a road bike, triathlon bike, gravel bike, mountain bike, or really anything, the disassembly process is pretty universal.  Just enough disassembly is required to ensure that it fits securely in the box; the entire item does not need to be taken apart.  Typically, to do this, you must remove the front end, take out the seat, and fasten any moving parts.  Here are a few quick tips — again, this is not intended to be a how-to article on bike disassembly:

  • Have plenty of padding, bubble wrap, and zip ties on hand, in addition to your bike tools.
  • Remove any accessories that you might want to carry separately, such as your bike computer
  • Remove the handlebars
  • Remove the front wheel
  • Remove the pedals
  • Wrap the bike so that you don’t get any metal-on-metal or metal-on-carbon friction in the box
  • Secure any moving parts with zip ties, such as the rear wheel or crank
  • As you load into the box, take care to arrange everything so no pieces may scratch or injure another
  • As you move the box, listen for any sounds of metal rubbing against metal. If you hear any, you should open the box again to investigate.  The bike should be completely cushioned, shouldn’t be rubbing against any other metal, and shouldn’t be moving around inside the box.

If you have the necessary tools and know how to operate a bike, you can certainly do it yourself.  Another option is to take it to a bike shop and have it fixed there.

We learned that our neighborhood bike shop would professionally disassemble and pack a bike in a used bike box for $50 after making a brief phone call.  The bike is then transported to the destination under a contract with BikeFlights, and the cost is then passed directly to you.

What Is The Price Of Shipping A Bike?

Depending on the amount of care you require, as well as the service and shipping providers you select, the cost of delivering a bike varies. Expect to pay somewhere between $50 (small distance, delayed shipping, and self-packing) and upwards of $250. (longer distance, faster shipping, professionally packed).

Expect the cost to go up depending on 1) the amount of work you need to be done, such as disassembling and packing the bike, and 2) the urgency with which you need it transported.


When you want to transport a bike somewhere else, you should look at ways to cut your costs rather than shelling out a lot of money for ineffective shipping. Minimizing the size of the container you’re shipping the bike in is one of the biggest ways to lower your bike shipping costs. By disassembling your bike, placing it in the appropriate container, and looking into ways to lower your shipping expenses, you are taking the proper precautions.

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